20 thoughts on “January Contest

  1. bromanz says:

    As per my google review;
    I’ve been trying different products GS carries through my best friend who orders regularly and I’ve got to agree with him that GS is a great place to order from! Great service and selection, quick and very reliable delivery, and the best prices, on the best quality products avalible! I’m 56 yrs old and been toking for over 40 of them. Seen alot of weed strains, products, and derivatives. But wow people it’s now legal! And now because of GS’s commitment to quality and variety of products the whole world of cannabis is at our fingertips! The pasts rair treats like edibles, concentrates, form of, strengths of, and exact product details is still to me a dream or fantasy! Thanks to GS its now an everyday reality and gift you must give yourselves! Thank you GS for helping to make all our world’s and lives so much better! I truly wish and pray that you keep up the wonderful service your providing… Steven Bro

  2. Jeeb88 says:

    As I was looking on the net for a good dispensary to order from, the name Green Society was in all the discussions and I couldn’t find a single bad comment from one of your past customers! And so many products I’m unable to decide what to order! Working on it!!

  3. janice says:

    Hmm….a little too old to figure out how to twitter or instagram a review
    What a great contest though, I thought there used to be other ways to enter non publicly
    Always recommending these guys, reliable, dependable, great prices and deals, my regular place.

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