Budget Buds

16%-18% THC
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Here at Green Society, we want to always make sure that you never sacrifice quality or potency when shopping our affordable options. Budget Buds is a BC specialty known for its’ earthy terpene profile consisting of sweet and floral notes. While the lineage of this strain is mysterious, what is known is that it boasts an impressive average THC concentration of 18%.  The high of Budget Buds is known to be very relaxing and almost sedating in nature. Smoke up a joint or spark up a bowl and get ready to get glue’d to the couch!

PLEASE NOTE: The quality of Budget Buds is reflected in current sale price. This current batch is comprised of smaller, scrappier buds that have a rough trim job, leaving behind many leaves. Budget Buds is suggested for cooking or for making concentrates but can be used as a cheap low-tier smoke.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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