Cali Bubba

• 17%-25% THC
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Cali Bubba is an intoxicating indica strain which has swept the nation by storm. The re-emergence of Cali Bubba in 2021 can be attributed to the need for more strong, long-lasting and sedating strains for Canadians. This cross between notorious Bubba Kush and a staple strain from our neighbours down south, Cali Kush, has been hailed as a miracle medicinal strain since its’ discovery. The potency and effectiveness of Cali Bubba as a medicinal strain is evident in its’ whopping THC concentrations that range around 24% on average. Upon smoking, users will be delighted by the near instant feelings of euphoria and upliftment, which sneakily transitions into a lazy, relaxed state of zen and peace. Perfect for after-work and evenings, this is a strain that should not be underestimated – don’t smoke this indica during the day if you have any plans! The unique aroma of Cali Bubba is a perfect testament to the strong genetics of both its’ parental strains. Those who appreciate a heavier, intoxicating gas nose will appreciate breaking these buds down. The earthier terpene profile is likened to notes of gasoline and earthy kush, with undertones of rich coffee and pleasant citrus.

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