Cowbell by Doctor Coughee

20%-26% THC
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This strain is so hard hitting, you’ll be left going moooo yourself. Cowbell, also known as More Cowbell, is an indica leaning hybrid strain. This delicious phenotype by Doctor Coughee was first originally created by world renowned breeders at Bodhi Seeds, made by crossing Hash Plant and the widely popular Girl Scout Cookies strain. With high THC levels reaching upwards of 23% potency to offer users heavy and uplifting stoney effects, the strain is an effective and optimal choice for medical users, and services as an extremely enjoyable indica for recreational users looking to kick back and relax! With strong citrus flavours, you’ll be reminiscing and feeling like you’re chilling with a glass of lemonade on a perfect sunny afternoon!

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Cowbell by Doctor Coughee
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