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El Queso by Seedism

19%-26% THC


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El Queso, also known as Cheese Wreck is a classic sativa-dominant hybrid strain that traces its’ inception back to Holland in the 1990s. A particular cross between the flavourful Cheese, and California special, Trainwreck, El Queso is a showcase of spectacular genetics from the United Kingdom and California – homes to some of the best weed in the world. Combining these two creates a strong, multi-purpose flower that can be used any time of the day, providing users with unmatchable stress relief and uplifting vibes. THC levels for this hybrid are known to average around 19% with some phenotypes soaring as high as 26%! The effects may take longer than other strains to kick in, but when they do, users will delighted to notice a motivating, energetic buzz that is equally as uplifting just as it is relaxing. Just like Trainwreck, the intense effects of El Queso are known to leave smokers devastatingly intoxicated. Over time, the effects may waver, easing into a comfortable, calming buzz that is perfect for settling down after a long day. As a sativa-dominant hybrid, El Queso has become recognized for its’ medium-sized, cone-shaped nugs and almost atomic-looking fluorescent green flowers. Due to its’ parentage, El Queso inherits a truly spectacular aroma from its’ predecessors that can be described as bright and refreshing. Strong base notes of a pungent Cheese combine with the sweet, citrus-like undertones of Trainwreck. creating a dank, almost over-whelming aroma that is quick to fill a room.

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