Green Supreme Ahi Tuna Kush Can

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Everybody that has smoked weed has at one point realized, oxygen can be very detrimental to your cannabis. Even though air is necessary for us to live, it leads to oxidization which essentially destroys the aroma, freshness and taste of your precious greens. Green Supreme has the perfect fix for this, with their air-tight sealed Tuna Cans! Each Green Supreme Ahi Tuna Kush Can is sealed with a user-friendly pop-top lid to create an air-tight, humidity controlled, odourless packaging and a re-usable plastic lid to keep flowers fresh and moist after opening.

Phenotype Indica
Strain Ahi Tuna Kush
THC Content 26%
Taste Diesel, Gas, Earthy, Pungent & Pine
Contents 7 Grams

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Green Supreme Ahi Tuna Kush Can
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