Top Indica Strains of 2020

Pink Kush

Hailing from the all-too famous kush family, the Pink Kush strain, an indica-dominant hybrid with a mysterious and unknown origin, makes the top list of indica strains for more than just one good reason. It is one of the most sought after strains amongst cannabis aficionados in the Pacific Northwest, and while its heritage is shrouded in mystery, there is no secret as to why Pink Kush is such a popular crowd favourite with its potent body high, waves of euphoria and great taste.

The effects of Pink Kush are nothing short of phenomenal. Like its predecessor, it delivers quite a potent physical body high that can almost be overwhelming in the best way possible. Medical users tend to gravitate towards Pink Kush due to this body high as it is extremely relaxing and calming. Such a strong and effective physical high helps treat a variety of sores, such as chronic pains or aches, inflammation, migraines and nausea. It also delivers a powerful head high, one which offers users a rush of euphoria and happiness. As it progresses, users feel a growing sense of lightness which may last for hours. The sense of euphoria can also bring about fits of laughter, so it is a fun strain for recreational use, but can also be used to combat anxiety, stress, depression, PTSD and mood swings. Smoking a higher amount of Pink Kush can also cause sleepiness in users, which would help those struggling with insomnia. It is commonly reported that this strain gives a big case of the munchies, so you better have your snacks all stocked up and ready to go with this one!

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Pink Kush from Green Society

As for the appearance and aroma of Pink Kush, one can guess that it takes on after its name. A rare sight, the nugs of this strain are decorated with pretty pink pistils and a sugary coating of crystal trichomes, like little sparkling candies. Its rare colour is further accented by a unique floral scent and taste, with tones of vanilla and earthiness. These pretty nuggets actually smell so sweet that many often report a candy-like flavour when consuming, along with tones of berries. A strain that is as delectable as it looks, Pink Kush shows that you can never be too pretty in pink!

While we do know the Pink Kush strain is a descendant and carrying on the legacy of the renowned original kush strain, it carries a stronger indica dominance with a ratio of 90% to a minor 10% of sativa, which would explain the strong effectiveness of its body high. Tests have also reported a minimal amount of CBD at around 1%. This is topped with an average THC content measurement of 20%. In comparison, OG Kush only has slightly more sativa with 75% dominance of indica to 25% of sativa, and averages between 19% to 24% in THC content. While its THC content is not as high as its parent, Pink Kush is so loved for its high and flavour profile that in an effort to take on its full effects, producers like Phyto Extractions have extracted the strain to offer us Pink Kush Shatter.

Death Bubba

A local Vancouver celebrity that has quickly risen to the top of the cannabis market, the Death Bubba, an indica-dominant hybrid, is the brainchild of breeders at Sea to Sky. A known heavy hitter, indicative by its name, this strain is a crossbreed between Bubba Kush and Death Star. A member of the Kush family, it has an above average THC content measurement and a deadly high that will knock you out into what may seem like an eternal slumber.

Death Bubba’s effects can be felt almost right away upon smoking–as quickly as the first puff for some–so it is as fast acting as it is hard hitting. Users will experience, firstly, a psychoactive high, feeling a rush of energy that makes them feel focused and motivated as they enter a sort of go-go-go state. This sense of busy-bee urgency is short-lived, however, as an onset of ultimate relaxation washes over. As the high continues, users will actually start to feel the opposite of what initially begins the Death Bubba trip as they begin to withdraw, look inwards and become introspective. Finally, Death Bubba will pull you into its death grip of a long, peaceful and deep sleep. Because it offers mood stimulation and has a sedative nature, it is also recommended for chronic pains, spasms or migraines. Such tranquilizing effects further make this strain ideal for those struggling with insomnia, PTSD and nightmares as it welcomes the Sandman himself to put you to peaceful and restful sleep. 

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Death Bubba from Green Society

In terms of its genetic makeup and THC content, Death Bubba has a ratio of 70%:30% indica to sativa and averages at an extreme high of 25% to 27%. Its parents, Bubba Kush, a pure 100% indica strain, trends at 27% in THC, while Death Star, an indica-dominant hybrid, has a bigger variance in THC content at 18%-27%. A strain with such high potency and strong effects as Death Bubba would only cause a desire for more, spawning its extracted shatter form by Diamond Concentrates as well as another phenotype named Greasy Death Bubba, which is a tad more dank.

While a strain with the word “death” in it may not sound pleasant, Death Bubba is actually surprisingly tasty and sweet. It carries tones of earthiness and musky pine, so it is quite fresh. This is also brightened by a bit of citrusy lemon zest. Upon smoking, the flavour profile is a blend of all these fresh and sweet notes, but with an added hint of spice. This strain is also quite a looker with fluffy, forest green leaves that are speckled with purples and bright amber orange pistils, all covered in a nice layer of frosty trichomes.

Purple Kush

Another kush strain makes the top list as we introduce Purple Kush (AKA Purple Hindu Kush), a 100% pure indica that is crossbred between two South and Central Asian landraces: the Purple Afghani and Hindu Kush strains. While it was named one of the Top Ten Kush Strains by the High Times Cannabis Cup back in 2016, it still has every reason to make this list of Top Indica Strains in 2020. With a THC measurement that reaches a high of 27%, unique colouration, a sweet flavour profile as well as a pleasantly enjoyable high, there is no question as to why Purple Kush remains a classic.

Purple Kush gives users an uplifting head high almost instantaneously. There is a warm feeling of relaxation and a sense of ease that travels through the head before reaching the rest of the body. The sedation is so calm and potent that the high is almost numbing, making the strain a perfect choice for medical patients seeking pain relief for chronic conditions such as muscle spasms, aches, fibromyalgia or nerve damage. While this strain does offer a bit of a mental high as well, it is psychedelic as opposed to cerebral as users reach a point of introspective euphoria, an experience which can be elevated when paired with soothing music. Due to its effectiveness on the body, it is recommended for nighttime usage and helps with insomnia if taken in larger doses. 

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Purple Kush from Green Society

As another member of the kush familia, it is no surprise that Purple Kush also carries a significant THC content level, averaging 22% but ranges as high as 27%. Like previously mentioned, its makeup is 100% indica, which indicates its potency and effectiveness in regards to a body high. As one might guess, such a pure and potent strain would yield even purer and more potent concentrates, like Purple Kush Shatter from Faded Extracts.

One particular feature of Purple Kush that makes it stand out amongst others is its visual beauty. It carries gorgeous and bountiful rich and dark purples amongst shades of bright greens, further accented by fiery orange pistils. The flowers are tightly curled, and a layer of nice and sticky resin coats this masterpiece of a strain. Its flavours and aromas are just as appealing! While the scent of Purple Kush includes notes of earthiness and spices, remnants of its Afghani lineage, it also carries hints of sweet grape. Upon exhale, these aromas can be tasted and are made even brighter with a little touch of berries. With its fusion of purples, this strain really is as sweet and grapey as it looks!

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