Mary’s Medibles Chocolate Bars

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If you’re looking to melt away all the stress and worries of a long day, look no further! Mary’s Medibles offer a wide variety of THC infused edibles such as gummies, baked goods and their newly introduced line of proprietary infused chocolate bars. Satisfy that sweet tooth while also receiving the plentiful benefits of cannabis with Mary’s Medibles Chocolate Bars that come in four delicious flavours. Mary’s prides themselves in using wholesome natural ingredients which result in a smoother, more delectable chocolate bar than any of their competitors. Each bar is infused with 300mg of THC in total, with every individual square containing 30mg. Sink your teeth into these tasty chocolates and let the relaxation begin!

CONTENTS 1x Mary’s Medible Chocolate Bar
DOSAGE Every bar contains 300mg of THC. Each individual square contains 30mg of THC. Begin with 1 square and allow 60-90 minutes before ingesting anymore.
EFFECTS Uplifted, Relaxed, Happy, Giggly & Sleepy
MEDICAL EFFECTS Depression, Stress, Pain, Lack of Appetite, Insomnia & Inflammation

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Mary’s Medibles Chocolate Bars
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