MasterMind Funghi Chocolate Bars

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Eating magic mushrooms has never tasted better – with MasterMind’s proprietary recipe and their years of experience dealing with psychedelic mushrooms, they’ve created their signature Mastermind Funghi Chocolate Bars. Their delicious bars contain 1500mg or 3000mg of psilocybin and are a delicious alternative for those looking to try mushrooms for the first time. MasterMind uses a premium Psilocybe Cubensis blend, which they’ve chosen for its’ particularly moderate and positive trip. A great strain for beginners and psychonauts alike, Psilocybe Cubensis is an ideal strain for micro-dosing or first-time users. The trip is described as euphoric, uplifting and being easy to tolerate at normal dosages with slight sensory hallucinations at higher levels. First time users and beginners to the magical world of shrooms should begin with 2 squares (200mg) for a micro-dose. More experienced psychonauts can enjoy 10 squares (1000mg) for a moderate trip, or enjoy a whole bar for a full experience.

PSILOCYBIN MUSHROOM CONTENT 1500mg, 3000mg & 5000mg
DOSAGE INSTRUCTIONS Every Funghi Bar contains 15 squares of chocolate (100mg each piece). Begin with 2 squares and allow 30-60 minutes for full absorption before ingesting more.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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