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MOTA Infused Dried Mangos


MOTA Edibles offers a new, innovative product that is equally as tasty as it is healthy. This one is for the health-conscious individuals who still want to treat themselves to a delicious THC infused edible. MOTA Infused Dried Mangos are made using nothing but real, organic dried mangos and pure cannabis extract. Their proprietary recipe and methods ensure that every piece of sweet fruit is coated in an even, precise amount of THC so dosing is always consistent. Start your day off right and tackle whatever lies ahead with MOTA Infused Dried Mangos.

DOSAGE Each package contains 80mg of THC and 10mg CBD. Start with one piece of infused fruit and allow 60-90 minutes before ingesting more.
INGREDIENTS Mango, Cannabis Extract & Sulphur Dioxide

10mg CBD

CONTENT Infused Dried Mangos

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