Pacific CBD Massage Bar

• 500mg CBD


Pacific CBD Massage Bars are the ideal product for those seeking non-psychoactive pain relief! Formulated with your health as the #1 priority, Pacific CBD’s insanely fast-acting formula contains a plethora of all-natural ingredients such as organic cocoa butter, shea butter, and tons of beneficial essential oils to help with stress, and much more! All of these natural ingredients are infused with 100% pure hemp seed oil, and menthol crystals, giving a characteristic hot and cool sensation to help alleviate severe muscle aches and pains! Simply massage into affected areas and let the CBD do its’ magic!

MEDICAL EFFECTS Relief from stiffness, sore muscles, joint pains, dry skin, eczema, irritations & inflammation
INSTRUCTIONS Apply a generous amount to affected areas. Gently massage into skin and ensure application to entire area.

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Pacific CBD Massage Bar


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