Purple Candy

16%-19% THC
(30 customer reviews)

Purple Candy is an excellent indica strain for all purposes. This well-rounded, versatile Canadian strain is ideal for those seeking deep relaxation and a good nights sleep. Although the origins of this strain may not be known for certain, it is known that this British Columbian specialty was created as a by-product of crossing together the candy-like BC Sweet Tooth and the Californian classic, Mendocino Purps. This creeper boasts THC levels that range between 17-19%, making it a formidable choice for those looking to relax after work or catch some zZz’s for the next long day ahead of them. The true indica nature of Purple Candy is easily recognized by it’s sedating qualities and characteristic pacifying body high. Many Canadians find that this indica is most effective when used medicinally for the treatment body aches, pain, stress, insomnia and lack of appetite. As a recreational strain, it offers users a mild, yet delightfully uplifting buzz that’ll turn any frown upside down – perfect for catching up on your favourite TV shows or movies while melting into the couch. Purple Candy is easily recognized by its’ characteristic large buds, and luscious purple hues. The aroma and flavour of this strain take the best attributes from its’ parent strains, including the sugary, candy-like sweetness of BC Sweet Tooth and the fruity punches and hints of grape from Mendocino Purps to create a robust flavour profile that is earthy, sweet and fruity all at once.

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