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Sour Amnesia x Nuken

15%-20% THC
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Sour Amnesia x Nuken is an experimental cross between a Canadian classic, and an uplifting sativa known for its’ cheery high and haze flavours. An undeniably flavourful sativa-dominant hybrid strain, the combined genetics of Shishkaberry, God Bud and Amnesia Haze give this strain its’ characteristic skunky and sour profile with undertones of sweet berries. These dense, juicy buds are known for their potency and high THC levels that can be found around 20% on average with some phenotypes reaching as high as 25%! Even with such high THC concentrations, Sour Amnesia x Nuken is still a very functional and diverse strain that is great for getting work done or hanging with friends. As a sativa-dominant hybrid strain, the high is defined by its’ cheery and uplifting buzz that may inspire creativity, making it great for day-time use. The Nuken genetics impart a relaxed and introspective buzz towards the end of the experience, leaving users feeling serene, while not sedated.

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