Super Skunk (Bulk)

15%-19% THC
1% CBD

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Super Skunk is a heavy-hitting strain that can vary from being pure indica to an indica-dominant hybrid. Blessed with a profoundly pungent and robust aroma, Super Skunk was bred by Sensi Seeds as a back-cross between the classic Skunk #1 and landrace Afghani genetics. Essentially, Super Skunk is a buffed-up version of Skunk #1 with improved potency, higher THC concentrations and a refined terpene profile. THC levels for this strain may vary, but on average, measure in around 21-23%, with CBD levels of around 2%. The high of Super Skunk is heavily intoxicating, providing users with a euphoric buzz and a long-lasting pain relief. Although this indica strain won’t knock you out, it’s best reserved for days with no scheduled priorities – the exquisite high sinks users into a state of deep relaxation, while providing a fun, creative and free-flowing mental buzz. Super Skunk is globally acclaimed for its’ distinct fragrance and flavours. The pungent aroma is recognized by its’ bold skunk and diesel notes, with undertones of tart citrus and a mellow woodiness.

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