UBC Chemo

17%-24% THC
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Canada is known for its’ abundance of spectacular cannabis strains, many of which become known for their potency, others become treasured for their exclusivity, while some are remembered for how they alter or shift the cannabis scene. UBC Chemo is an illustrious Canadian bred indica strain that is known for all of the above. Although the genetics of this strain are unknown, legends state that it was created by the globally recognized geneticist David Suzuki during the late 60s into the 70s at the University of British Columbia, where it received its’ namesake. Dr. Suzuki reportedly wanted to develop a powerful, heavy-hitting indica strain that would help ease the pain of cancer patients suffering from the adverse side effects of chemotherapy treatment. Now carried on by the Canadian legends Jordan of the Islands, UBC Chemo has become known for its’ unique woody aroma, impressive THC content and tenacious medicinal effects. This potent strain is highly regarded for its’ impressive THC content, which is found to be around 21% on average, with some phenotypes soaring as high as 29%! As an indica, UBC Chemo is like no other – this one of a kind strain is especially heavy-hitting, leaving many users couch-locked or in a deep, soothing sleep. The effects begin with an uplifting sense of euphoria that is great for taking away stress, with a case of mega munchies before transitioning into the sedating, relaxing body high it is most cherished for. With such a powerful high and strong, relaxing effects, UBC Chemo is ideal for those looking to deal with pain, insomnia, stress, lack of appetite and anxiety.

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UBC Chemo
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