Walter White by Mephisto Genetics

15%-24% THC
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Walter White by Mephisto Genetics is a sativa strain of immaculate proportions – originally created out of fascination, Mephisto Genetics manifested one of the best modern day sativa strains of the decade! Rumour has it that this talented team of breeders fell in love with a rare cut of The White and looked to replicate it’s amazing trichome production which led them to crossing it with an unknown sativa to create the most notorious strain on their impressive roster. Walter White doesn’t let down with high THC levels that flourish around 24% while providing an uplifting, energetic and heavy buzz. The aroma of this strain are likened to other famous sativas such as Super Lemon Haze with its’ intensely sweet and pungent citrus notes and a vanilla-like creaminess on the exhale.

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Walter White by Mephisto Genetics
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