7 Surprising Facts About Marijuana Edibles

7 Surprising Facts About Marijuana Edibles

Consider this the ultimate guide to marijuana edibles. What forms can they take? How strong are they? How are they made? What dosage should you take? All of this, plus more, answered in this informative article for the novice or the expert.

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We’ve all heard crazy stories about people eating too much of a pot brownie and getting high out of their mind thinking their dog can speak to them or that the TV is melting as they watched it (No? Just us?)

But what else do you know about marijuana edibles? Did you know that you can make edible marijuana gummies, beverages, and cookies? Do you know about the different potency of edibles? What about if they mix well with other drugs?

If you’re not sure about these things, don’t know too much about edibles, or even asking yourself ‘what are edibles?’, then keep reading. We’ve compiled 7 facts about edibles that will give you all the basic information you need about making, using, and understanding edible marijuana.

1. They’re More Than Brownies

We alluded to this earlier, but it might surprise you to learn that edible marijuana is more than pot brownies. You can have all sorts of marijuana-laced food delicacies like weed gummies, weed cookies, weed chocolate, weed lollipops, and almost anything else you can think of.

You can also have weed beverages like teas, tinctures, coffee, and more. Don’t forget edible capsules, liquids, and drops.

2. Different Strains, Different Highs

You can experience different types of highs when smoking different strains of marijuana, and you can get different highs from different types of edibles as well. Edibles are laced with different doses of the chemicals within weed, particularly THC and CBD.

Edibles high in THC will make you feel, well, high. THC is the psychoactive chemical in weed that gives you that “high” feeling that marijuana is so well-known for.

CBD, on the other hand, won’t make you feel high at all. It’s non-psychoactive. But it can have a range of benefits from calming anxiety to pain relief.

You can even get edibles that have no THC at all and only have high concentrations of CBD. These edibles are great for people who are looking for the medical benefits of weed without having to get high.

You’ll also need to know the difference between the two main types of weed: sativa and indica. Sativa infused edibles will give you more of an “energetic” high while indica will give you more of a “chill” or “mellow” high.

3. Edible Cannabis is Usually More Potent than Smoking

Because edibles concentrate the chemicals within weed into a usually small edible package, edibles are more potent than “regular” weed. And since edibles are usually tasty, it’s quite easy to ingest a larger dose of weed than you normally would take when smoking.

Edibles also affect everyone in a different way. Be careful when experimenting with edibles. Start small and work your way up before downing an entire brownie.

4. You Shouldn’t Mix Edibles with Other Drugs

You shouldn’t mix edible marijuana with other drugs, especially alcohol. Alcohol can increases the psychoactive effect of THC, which might sound good, but it actually isn’t fun. It usually makes you feel “too high” and gives you an intense feeling of nausea, which is definitely not fun.

5. Typical Serving Size

The typical serving size for an adult individual is 10 mg. However, you should probably start lower than this if it’s your first time trying edibles.

Everyone has a different metabolism, which means you’ll digest and react to edibles differently than your friend who will be different from their friend, etc.

You can’t judge how you’ll react to a serving size until you go for it.

So start slow with a lower dose somewhere around 5 mg. You can always eat more of the edible, but you can’t go back after eating too much.

6. Dosing Can Be Tricky

Serving size can be incredibly difficult to determine when it comes to edibles. If you buy store-bought edibles, it should list the dose. However, everyone’s body will digest the edible at a different rate. You and your friend could eat the same amount and they could feel like they’re on another planet and you might not feel high at all.

That being said, you should still follow our advice from earlier: start slow and work your way up. Estimate the correct serving size based on the listed dose of the edible you bought or calculate it based on how much you used in your homemade edibles.

Then, start off with a small piece and wait about an hour. Gauge how you feel. If it’s kicked in, decide whether you want to have more to get high. If you don’t feel anything at all, you can safely have a bit more so you’ve had a full serving size.

The most important thing is to gauge your personal reaction and not the reaction of your friends doing it with you since everyone is different. For every new type of edible you try, you should try to test it out nice and slow so you can know what dose will work for you.

7. You Can Get Too High from Edibles

Edibles are no different from smoking in this sense: you can get too high. Actually, it’s quite easy to get too high when using edibles since you can easily eat a whole brownie too quickly or accidentally eat more than a serving size of gummies accidentally.

The important thing to keep in mind if you get too high is that there’s nothing to worry about: you can’t “overdose” on weed. You’ll just feel very high, a bit nauseous, anxious, and overwhelmed.

If you’re feeling this way, take some deep breaths and have a glass of water. Sometimes the best thing to do is just go to bed. Sleeping off the high will make you feel much better.

Marijuana Edibles: 7 Surprising Facts

Marijuana edibles might seem like a whole new world of information to understand, but once you know these basic facts, they’re pretty simple to figure out. Whether you’re a pot brownie or a CBD gummy kind of person, edibles are a great way to ingest weed.

If you have any other questions or want some help picking out your first edibles, contact us. You can also browse our selection yourself.

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