Best Indica Strains for Sleep

Best Indica Strains for Sleep

What are the best indica strains for sleep? All indica strains are known to leave users feeling calm and tranquil, but there are a few which work especially well when you want to counteract anxiety. As well as helping with sleep, many indica strains can also help knock out pain, relieve you of stress, and put you in a happy and positive mood to counteract depression and anxiety.

Some of these strains are known for their powerful sleep-boosting effects whereas others are known for delivering a calming high along with a great taste. Whichever way, they all make for great choices when you need a relaxing evening strain that’s going to help you sleep. Here are some of the best indica strains for sleep you can buy right now.

Death Bubba

Death Bubba is one of the most popular indica strains thanks to its high potency and enjoyable high. With THC levels reaching as high as 25-28%, beginners might want to steer clear of this superpowered indica. With that said, those who are looking for a strong sleep aid will love the tranquilizing effects of the strain.

Users generally report feeling particularly happy, euphoric, and relaxed under the influence of Death Bubba. With a sweet yet earthy taste, it’s enjoyable to smoke, and it only takes a few puffs for the effects to hit you hard and fast. If you need something to help you sleep, Death Bubba practically never fails.

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King Louis XIII 

A prime Southern California name which takes its name from the 17th-century King of France. King Louis XIII is a great choice for anyone looking for a rare and luxurious strain that’s going to help them get to sleep. It puts users in a hazy and dreamy state with an intensely relaxing body high.

King Louis XIII is also known for its strong scent and taste, with woody, pine undertones. It induces a very enjoyable high and is one of the best strains out there for sleep disorders. It’ll also help relieve pain, stress, anxiety, muscle spasms, and likely give you the munchies.

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Ace Killer OG

Ace Killer OG

You might not have heard of this rare indica strain before. But if you’re looking for a deeply relaxing high that helps with pain, stress, and sleep, then it’s well worth giving Ace Killer OG a try. In addition to high THC levels of up to 27%, it also packs plenty of CBD, making it one of the best strains for medical use.

Users feel a sensational wave of relaxation when they use Ace Killer OG. It’ll encapsulate your body with a calming and tingly physical high while also relieving your mind of any stress or worries. Naturally, it’s great for helping you unwind and eventually get a nice, long sleep.

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Tom Ford

Much like the brand, Tom Ford is known as a luxury strain that gives you premium effects. It’s also known as Tom Ford Pink Death as it crosses Pink Kush with the hard-hitting Death Bubba. As such, you can expect a sensationally strong indica high when you use this coveted strain.

With THC levels hitting as high as 28%, you can expect some extra-potent effects when you smoke or vape Tom Ford. It’ll hit you rapidly with an all-over body high and intensely relaxing mental effects. Any kind of pain or stress will be relieved, and you’ll also feel sleepy quite quickly.

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BC Kush

BC Kush is one of the many brilliant strains to come out of British Columbia. Its high THC levels and rich terpenoid profile makes it a flavorful strain that’s known for alleviating pain, stress, and insomnia very well.

When you use BC Kush, you’ll instantly be hit with an intensely relaxing physical high. It also helps relieve the mind of any stress or tension. Pretty soon, you’ll be in a deeply calm and tranquil state with enjoyable tingles all over your body. While many see it as a powerful pain-reliever, it’s also perfect for insomnia.

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Pink Star Killer

Pink Star Killer

Pink Star Killer gives you everything you should expect from an indica strain. With high THC levels and a sedating high, it’s ideal for anyone looking to tackle insomnia and other sleep disorders. It’s also great for relieving pain, stress, anxiety, and other medical issues.

Pink Star Killer has a distinctive taste with an earthy and diesel-like flavor- most likely from its Pink Gas genetics. When you smoke it, you’ll quickly experience a burst of mental stimulation making you happy and giggly. Eventually, it calms you down and the relaxing effects work their way all over your body until you feel beautifully blissful and ready to sleep.

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Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese is a great strain for those who want a deeply relaxing indica with some mentally stimulating properties. It’s a cross between UK Cheese and Blueberry that’s about 80% indica but still retains some sativa effects.

When you take a hit of Blue Cheese, you’ll be rewarded with a fun, uplifting mental high. You’ll feel happy, euphoric, and creative while it takes away any stress or anxiety. Meanwhile, the soothing body high will slowly creep in, taking away all kinds of pain and physical tension while also making you feel ready to sleep. With a pungent aroma and strong taste, it’s a distinctive strain that’s worth trying for anyone.

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9 Pound Hammer

As you can tell from the name, 9 Pound Hammer is a potent indica that’ll hit you hard with tranquilizing effects. It’s made by crossing Godberry, Hell’s OG, and Jack the Ripper, resulting in an interesting indica mix with an earthy and grape-like flavor.

It’s a highly therapeutic indica which will swiftly hit you with relaxation. It’s great for using in the evening when you want to unwind, destress, and relieve yourself of any pain. It’s also one of the best indica strains for sleep, often leaving users couch-locked and ready to rest. If you need a powerful indica strain to knock you out, then 9 Pound Hammer is one you’ll definitely want to try.

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    King Louis XIII… excellent for insomnia. It’s a lovely tasty rich well cured smoke…..instant and potent….certainly relaxing so helps with pain. Wouldn’t be thinking of signing any important contracts on this. It is excellent!