Cannabis Strains That Help Treat Alcoholism

After a night of drinking too much, chances are that you’ll wake up with a terrible feeling looming over you. You know that feeling. Imagine being an alcoholic and feeling that every day, only to treat it with more drinks. The side effects of alcoholism are terrible and life-threatening. Alcohol abuse can ruin many things in your life, your family life, and your social life. It’s the kind of disorder that not only affects you, but affects all of the people around you. Unfortunately, current treatments have not always been successful. Many people are now using cannabis as a substitute for alcohol. Treating alcoholism with cannabis is a relatively new practice, but those who have experimented with it have seen improvements. Because the effects of medical marijuana can greatly reduce the symptoms of withdrawal and improve your mood, it has been found to yield positive results when being used to treat alcoholism. Cannabis also has reduced negative side effects and the symptoms are easier to manage. Here are some great cannabis strains that help treat alcoholism:

Durban Poison

This is great for a wake and bake session since it will give you clear alertness so that you can focus throughout the day. Rocking at 25% THC levels, this productivity spike can also bring some creativity and energy.This strain will have a sweet, almost licorice-like scent. Use this carefully, as it can sometimes cause paranoia as well.

Jack Herer

This strain has pleasant earthy, woody tones and will give you a clear-headed, focused, and creative mind. The THC content is around 20% and will give you a blissful feeling without affecting everything you do. This is also ideal for morning users.

Northern Lights

Joint on WeedThis popular indica will give you a sleepy, dazed feeling. You will feel a wave of contentedness flow over your body. It has a nice, sweet and earthy taste and smell and has a THC content of 26%.

Green Dragon

This pure indica has a THC level of up to 16% and will bring relaxation as well as happiness. This strong, earthy strain will help relieve aching bones and tightness in muscles. This is a great strain to help with any physical pain such as migraines, chronic pain, and any bodily injuries.

Sour Diesel

This strain is really popular among medical patients looking for a more holistic approach to treat stress and pain. The smoke can be quite strong if you are a beginner. This strain will lift your mood, bringing happiness and making you feel more upbeat. Even though it has a THC level of 18%, it can be an intense high, causing paranoia in some patients.

OG Kush

If you want a more relaxed, euphoric high for a better mentality, this is the stuff for you. This is the most popular strain used for alcoholism. It has anti-inflammatory properties and will better your body’s blood flow, too! This strain comes with an average of 24% THC and will be great for both your body and your mind.

White Widow

This strain was so incredibly popular in the 90s that it won the Cannabis Cup 1995. This pungent strain has an earthy kick and smells like incense. It will act quickly and give you an energy boost.

Choosing The Right Strain for Your Alcoholism

If you feel like you have an addiction problem or alcoholism, you should seek medical help as soon as possible. Your medical professional will be able to tell you which holistic approach is best for you. If you decide to go with marijuana, they will be able to tell you which cannabis strain is best suited for your condition and needs.

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78 thoughts on “Cannabis Strains That Help Treat Alcoholism

  1. C
    Crs.1475 years ago

    Weed is a far better habit to have then drinking. If someone can give it a chance rather then drinking they would prolly enjoy it and it would be much healthier/safer

  2. j
    j0s3p45 years ago

    10 years off alcohol this year. Cannabis has been a key component to managing the stresses of my life in or to be able to have a comfortable life now. I’ve lost over 50lbs at the gym and, have completed college since all the while medicating with Cannabis. Even on Campus they respected my choice to medicate and, now most campus’s have changed their policy too. It’s great to see many positive changes to these Academic. God bless. :]

  3. L
    Lildc5 years ago

    This is so great to know and this is why I smoke because it can help with so many different things. It’s a shame it’s been miss understood this hole time. Thanks for the knowledge guys.

  4. a
    andrew5 years ago

    Honestly, if I’m going to have a few drinks I don’t smoke weed because as soon as I smoke weed I don’t want to drink alcohol. I’ll smoke weed after once I’m drunk but smoking weed stops me from drinking

  5. J
    Jasper Hilliker5 years ago

    i love sour diesel, always thought it was a great hangover cure. it’s nice to know there are lots of other strains that are helpful for alcohol abuse. i know many people whose lives have been destroyed by drinking, where cannabis might improve their life, health and mood.

  6. J
    Jasper Hilliker5 years ago

    i love sour diesel, always thought it was a great hangover cure. it’s nice to know there are lots of other strains that are helpful for alcohol abuse. i know many people who have destroyed their lives by drinking, where cannabis might improve their life, health and mood.

  7. x
    x0xNessax0x5 years ago

    This is really informative! I knew that we can use cannabis to help treat opiate addiction so it’s nice to see that it can also be used to help with alcoholism. I am so glad Canada legalized it! I hope other countries follow suit! Everyone deserves the opportunity to medicate with a natural product.

  8. S
    Skinny5 years ago

    An excellent variety to chose from,I have only been a customer for a couple of months but have been totally satisfied with every choice that I’ve made thanks to the very informative descriptions provided on all your bud helps me chose the right weed every time,and furthermore I never had to chose between drinking or smoking always a smoker….

  9. D
    Dame_it5 years ago

    Good to know that alcoholics can find relief from marijuana. I knew it helped with a ton of things and was one of the things that helped me quit harder drugs when I was younger. So happy to see the Canada take notice of all the good this herb can do!