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115 thoughts on “CONTEST: Happy New Years!

  1. x
    xwingman β€’ 5 years ago

    Excellent customer service and fast discreet shipping…what more can you ask. Coupons galore and more sales than Walmart!
    Thanks GS for being there for us! (sorry I’m “green nosing” here…..)

  2. m
    mcfaries14 β€’ 5 years ago

    Loveeeeee you guys, always consistent. never once got a bad order, messed up on the order number and they sent freebies for the delay! my main source

  3. A
    Alyssa Seymour β€’ 5 years ago

    Definitely the best MOM in Canada ??.. Product is always top notch & customer service is definitely prime props to Green Society for giving back to their customers, rock on.

  4. R
    RadioFlyer β€’ 5 years ago

    I’m so relieved I found something that works every single time, took me away from all the drama that goes with keeping weed handy. Thank you guys so much!