What are the Different Types of Cannabis Concentrates to Buy?

All the Types of Cannabis Concentrates

While cannabis consumers are smoking, ingesting, or dabbing their favorite cannabis products on the other side of the world, marijuana virtuosos in Canada are also creating new ways to take cannabis consumption to another level.

These cannabis experts have upped their game by experimenting on marijuana concentrates.

Cannabis concentrates are highly potent forms of cannabis that are made using different procedures. Some of these procedures involve different components such as alcohol, butane, or any other solvent.

Some cannabis concentrates also give you every bang for your buck as only a little amount is needed unlike rolling a joint or smoking from your pipe. If you want to buy concentrates in Canada, here is an all-encompassing guide on which types of concentrates are right for you.

1. Shatter

Shatter is one of the many concentrates that has gained popularity where cannabis is legalized. The appearance is a glass-like consistency which is often wrapped in parchment paper because it has a sticky nature.

The process for making shatter concentrates is relatively easier compared to other cannabis concentrates. Liquid hydrocarbons blast the cannabis which is tightly packed into tubes using a method known as “closed loop extraction.” Then the trichomes are separated, and the concentrate is collected. To remove more of the butane, the entire mixture is then heated, so it’s safer for dabbing.

Dabbing is also the most popular way of using shatter concentrates. This type of concentrate is known to have a more potent and faster effect, saving you heaps of money when you buy concentrates in Canada.


2. WaxBuy Green Supreme Budder Online Green Society

Another form of cannabis concentrate is cannabis wax. They are also sticky in appearance. The preparation and method of making wax are a bit messy as well. Two fundamental ways to prepare wax is through the rosin technology which doesn’t involve any solvent at all. Another is the solvent method which uses butane or solvent to produce excellent yields.

The most common ways to use marijuana wax is through a bong, dabbing, or via a vaporizer. Some people also prefer to sprinkle a bit of wax on their joint to give it that extra oomph.

3. Resin

Resin or live resin is another unique type of cannabis concentrate. By using fresh marijuana flowers, resins are considered as the most aromatic and flavorful concentrate because the terpenes are preserved during the entire procedure. The freshly-harvested flowers are pressured under subcritical temperatures.

The process of drying marijuana flowers alone removes more than half of the terpene content. Because resins are made from fresh flowers, the outcome has a higher number of terpenes. And terpenes also have medical advantages.

4. Tinctures


Tinctures are extracted through the use of alcohol and should be orally taken. Also coined in the streets as “green dragon” or “golden dragon,” tinctures are considered as a great way to start with cannabis concentrates in terms of medicinal and recreational purposes.

When using a tincture, a few drops on the tongue will usually suffice. This way, the arterial blood supply underneath will absorb the mixture, specifically the THC, and will have a faster and long-lasting effect. It’s also a perfect type for beginners as you can start with a low dose of 1 ml and if you think you need more, adding in gradual amounts will help increase the effect as well. You may also put a few drops of cannabis tincture on food for an extra kick.

5. Oil

One of the most well-known forms of cannabis concentrates is a cannabis oil. It’s also known as Phoenix Tears or Rick Simpson Oil. To use cannabis oils, some people either take it sublingually or dab it onto their skin. Either way, the effect is relatively faster as the membranes will have a quicker absorption.

To remove the CBD and other compounds, the extracted oil must be distilled after extraction. There is a two-step process to do this, and they are called: Winterization and Short Path Distillation.

6. Rosin

Rosin is also a popular favorite for marijuana experts because it’s the safest to use as no solvent or harmful chemical is left behind after the entire process. To make rosin, marijuana flowers, hash or kief is put under extreme heat and pressure to extract a sap-like mixture. Although the process is time-consuming, the whole procedure is simple and can even be done through the use of a hair straightener!

If there’s one letdown in making rosin, it’s probably the small yield after extraction as it takes a considerable amount of marijuana to produce a certain amount of rosin extract.

7. Capsules

Capsules are the newest addition to the concentrates line. This type of concentrate is beneficial to those who don’t want the conventional way of smoking or vaping marijuana. Taking capsules is also a discreet approach in reaping the health benefits of cannabis, making it suitable for patients with physical and mental issues go about their daily routine normally.

It’s also imperative to understand that capsules vary in potency depending on the manufacturer. Since these are mostly oil-based capsules, some types of capsules may have a THC-dominant content while others may have a CBD-dominant content. And since these cannabinoids have different effects on the body, learning more about the manufacturer and the capsule content is crucial so as not to get overwhelmed with unexpected consequences.

8. Crumble

Crumble uses a solvent to extract from either dried or fresh flowers. The potency of crumble is making it a trendy choice for the more experienced. If you are a beginner who is planning to experiment on making crumble concentrates from flowers, I’m sorry to say, but maybe you should stick with smoking a joint or dabbing tinctures for now. The extraction method of crumble concentrates is very dangerous and should only be left to professionals.

However, if you’re looking to buy concentrates in Canada, choosing a crumble concentrate is an excellent decision. It’s very easy to smoke and consume too. You can combine it with blunts, joints, or bongs to give you a more heightened sensation.

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