Edibles: How Long Do They Last?

how long to edibles last

Marijuana edibles such as brownies and gummies are one of the most interesting ways to use marijuana. They make cannabis consumption easy, tasty and will deliver a potent high that lasts for hours. Edibles are far more potent than smoking or vaping marijuana, and the effects will last longer. So how long do they last?

In general, you can expect them to kick in within around 30 to 90 minutes and last anywhere from 4 to 12 hours. However, the strength of your high and how long it will last can often depend on numerous factors. The THC contained within edibles can also stay in your system for a while and show up on a drug test. However, there are ways to avoid failing your test.

You might be wondering how long edibles last, how long they stay in your system, and what makes them so potent. This guide will give you all the details.

How Long Till Edibles Kick In?

Edibles take much longer than smoking or vaping to take effect. Your body has to digest the product first for the THC bloodstream. This means at minimum, you’ll be waiting around 30 minutes to feel the high from edibles, but it can take up to 90 minutes.

This can often depend on your metabolism and the type of edible you consume. Those with faster metabolisms will feel effects much faster, and foods like mints will hit the bloodstream quicker than brownies, for instance.

Although you may be waiting an hour or two to feel high, don’t be fooled into eating more. They may take a little longer to kick in, but edibles are very potent and eating too much could give you an unpleasant high.

How Long Do Edibles Last?

Once the high from edibles kicks in, expect it to last a long time. One study found that edibles reach their peak effect at around 2-3 hours, but the high can last anywhere from 4 to 12 hours. They’re often potent and offer a heavy high, so don’t eat edibles when you have things to do!

Despite lasting a long time, the high from edibles can be very enjoyable. Make sure you don’t eat too much, and if you feel too high try to sober up by eating a meal and drinking some water. After the peak effects, the high is much calmer and milder.

What’s The Recommended Edible Dosage?

Marijuana edibles tell you how much THC (or CBD) they contain on the package. They’re usually split into small serving sizes, making it easy to control your dosage for a more enjoyable high.

The standard dose for beginners is 10mg. But if you want a milder high, you can even split a serving and take 5mg. This is known as microdosing- a method that gives you lighter effects that are easy to manage.

Experienced users may want to increase their dosage, but don’t go too high. Taking around 30-40mg should be more than enough to give you a potent and long-lasting high that you can enjoy for hours.

How Long Do Edibles Stay In Your System?

Just like smoking cannabis or other forms of consumption, using edibles will leave THC in your bloodstream that can last for a while.

The time that the THC from edibles stays in your system can depend on factors such as your weight and metabolism. In general, studies show that 80-90% of THC is flushed out within 5 days. However, traces can still last for up to 30 days.

You can get THC out of your system faster by drinking water and cranberry juice, taking vitamins, and exercising.

Can I Pass A Drug Test After Using Marijuana Edibles?

drug test edibles

If THC is still in your bloodstream, no. This will make you fail a blood or urine test. Although most THC in your system will be gone within a week, traces can last for up to a month. However, you can speed up the process.

Taking foods or supplements with laxative effects can help you flush out THC faster. This includes things like cranberry juice, high-fiber foods, and laxative pills. Drinking water and eating healthy will also help.

In cases where you have a drug test coming up soon, it can help to drink water and take Vitamin B-12. This can help mask the THC in your system and help you pass a test fast. Supplements like St John’s Wort and Creatine can also help.

What Are The Best Marijuana Edibles?

There are various types of marijuana edibles to choose from, including brownies, rice crispy squares, and gummy candies. You can get THC edibles, CBD edibles or a mix of both, all in different dosages. Here are a few popular choices:

  • Twisted Extracts Orange Jelly Bomb contains 8 jelly bombs, each with 10mg of THC. These make it easy to manage your dosage, whether you want a strong and long-lasting high or prefer microdosing. These also come in CBD, indica, and sativa form in various different flavors.
  • Buuda Bomb Milk Chocolates are a tasty chocolate snack made using organic ingredients. Each package contains 100mg of THC, split into five 20mg servings. This also comes in other flavors, such as Cookies and Cream.
  • Mota Hybrid Canna Cocoa is a drink mix with 150mg of THC. You can use this in much smaller servings, giving you a potent mug of hot cocoa to wind down with at night.
  • Herbivores Edibles Key Sours have 150mg to a pack, with 25mg in each serving. These tasty sour gummies make for an interesting way to get your daily dose of cannabis.

There are various other edibles on the market, including hard candies, iced tea mix, and tinctures to add to other food or drinks. You can browse and buy edibles online here.


Edibles last anywhere from 4 to 12 hours, although they can take up to 90 minutes to kick in initially. It’s best to start off with a small dosage of 5-10mg and build your way up. Thanks to the potent effects, you won’t need too much to get a strong yet enjoyable high.

Edibles can last in your system for up to a month, although most THC will be flushed out within a week. You could also pass a drug test within a week, providing you take measures to detox your system. Edibles take a while to hit the bloodstream, but when they do, you’ll feel them. They offer a potent and enjoyable alternative to regular smoking or vaping.

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