How To Pick The Best Online Shop For Cannabis

Since weed has become legal in Canada, many dispensaries have set up shop online. This is great for smokers who live in areas where access to high quality cannabis shops are hard to come by.

An online cannabis shop gives consumers the ability to find a wide variety of products that wouldn’t normally be available to them. However, with so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming finding a cannabis shop online that’s right for you.

Below, we’ll highlight some key factors to keep in mind when finding the best online shop for cannabis.

Range of Cannabis Products and Strains Available

Nowadays, online shopping for cannabis is a much more accepted and convenient method. With so much competition on the market, you should know that the sign of the best online cannabis shop is a wide variety of products and strains. This means you’re able to place larger orders less often, and still get a variety of the products you might want in the future.

Look for a cannabis shop online that offers:

  • Cannabis flower: including high-CBD and hemp strains
  • Concentrates: like hash, live resin, and shatter
  • Vaping accessories like cartridges and other supplies
  • Weed edibles and products to make your own edibles
  • Capsules, oil, and other medicinal products
  • Topical THC & CBD creams, patches, and cosmetics
  • CBD pet products

Access to Lab Results

To make sure your online cannabis shop is selling safe and pure products, look for any lab results they may have available. Lab results tell you important factors about the cannabis you’re purchasing, like:

  • THC, CBD, and cannabinoid levels
  • Levels of pesticides, additives, mold, solvents present from the extraction process
  • Extraction methods: isolate or full spectrum
  • Cannabis strains


Another thing to consider when picking the best online shop for weed is the shop’s relationships with their farmers. If information on the farmers is available, do some research to find out how long the grower has been in business and what credentials they’ve earned.

Farmers with an established reputation will have more consistency in their product. This is important if you’re going to be a repeat customer. If a shop keeps its growers and farmers a secret, they may not be offering the best quality product.


Packaging can make or break the quality of your weed by the time it’s been delivered. Poorly packaged cannabis can decrease potency and flavor if exposed to dry air due to lower levels of humidity. It also means that your cannabis will be less discreet, encouraging thieves to steal your package.

The best cannabis shop online will vacuum seal your cannabis to keep the flavor in and prevent the smell from escaping.


Investigate the prices for various cannabis products on the market. Then, compare those pricing averages to the cannabis shop you’re interested in. It’s important to take the time to do this when online cannabis shopping, so you aren’t getting overcharged.

The best cannabis online shop will offer fair prices, plus occasional sales and discounts to returning loyal customers. Some shops may even encourage customers to stick around by offering a rewards program. These customer perks are a great way to tell that an online cannabis shop is focused on pleasing the customer rather than making a huge profit.

Customer Reviews Available

When buying cannabis online, it’s important to make sure you’re purchasing through a reputable seller. A great way to gauge the kind of service you should expect from a shop is through customer reviews.

Get onto the shop’s website, blogs, and social media accounts to view comments and reviews. Does the online shop seem to handle customer feedback well? You want to find an online cannabis shop that will treat their customers well, this is a good place to find out.

Shipping and Delivery Options

The best cannabis shop online will offer top-notch shipping and delivery services. Look for a shop that uses tracking services so customers can make sure their deliveries arrive. Scan through customer reviews to see how people report the way their packages arrive.

You’ll want to find a shop that delivers goods on time and in great condition.

Secure Website, Private Payment, and Ordering Systems

Because there are plenty of online cannabis shops available, a large amount of them are scams. Be aware of these two things when looking for the best online cannabis shop:

HTTPS Secure

To find a trusted online shop, make sure their website is safe and secure. When viewing the web address bar when shopping and processing payments, you should see a lock icon next to the URL.

This means that the website is HTTPS secure. If you don’t see this lock icon, that means your payment and activity on that site isn’t secure. Never shop or process payments on a website that isn’t proven to be secure with authentic security badges.

Pop Ups and Ads

Another sign that an online cannabis shop may not be the best is their website design. This is a moment where it’s good to judge by appearance. Is their website clear and easy to navigate?

If it’s riddled with pop up and bogus ads, they may not be the best business to online shop from. Don’t jeopardize your privacy and computer to sites that seem suspicious.

Refund Policy

Mistakes are bound to happen when you’re shopping online and having products shipped to you. There may be times that your order gets lost in shipping, or you receive an order that’s not yours. When this happens, the best online smoke shops have systems in place to handle mistakes and get you your product as it was ordered.

In Conclusion

If you are online shopping for quality weed products, keep these factors in mind. Being thorough in your search is necessary to find the best, safest weed and CBD. Once you’ve found an online cannabis shop you trust, you’ll be enjoying a safe and secure high in no time.

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