How Would You Define Cannabis Moon Rocks?

If you smoke cannabis often, you may have heard of cannabis moon rocks at some point. They’re considered the caviar of the cannabis selection.

Based on their potency, they’re not for the faint of heart. If you’re unfamiliar with this type of cannabis, read on in our guide below to learn more about this wonder of the cannabis world.

Moon Rocks Defined:

Simply put, moon rocks are nugs of cannabis flower that are dipped in extracts and finished off with a roll in kief. Because of these layers of cannabis extracts and kief, they’re extremely high in THC. The THC levels in moon rocks cannabis averages more than 50%, so they’re incredibly potent.

Although these products are new to the cannabis market, there is a wide variety available, including CBD moon rocks asteroids.

Why Are They Called Moon Rocks?

These nugs of weed get their name from the high they produce after smoking. They’re known to give “lunar” effects, thanks to their high potency. The combination of bud, extracts, and final coating of kief, which is packed with THC-loaded trichomes, gives you an out of this world high that is much more trippy than typical cannabis strains.

Some people call this, “cannabis caviar.” However, this is not quite correct; caviar refers to a similar product that’s similar to moon rocks. Cannabis caviar is a name used to describe nugs of weed that were coated in cannabis oil. However, moon rocks have the added layer of kief, differentiating these products from the cannabis caviar nugs.

Since these terms get used interchangeably, make sure to specify what you’re looking for when trying to get this lunar bud from your local shop or dispensary.

How Strong are Moon Rocks?

Although the exact potency of moon rocks varies from batch to batch and depends on the manufacturer, the overall THC count is above or around 50%. Most cannabis flower averages at about 17-20% THC, whether it be indica, sativa, or hybrid. 

The high THC levels in moon rocks gives a terpene-rich, pleasant high, with full clouds of smoke in each hit. Be warned, the high of these nugs takes a little bit longer to kick in fully, so take several minutes in between hits.

After about 30 minutes, you’ll be feeling much higher than you did when you were initially smoking. A little goes a long way, so make sure you’re not getting in too deep to a high you aren’t prepared for.

How Expensive are Moon Rocks?

Because of their layers of extracts and kief, moon rocks are priced higher than standard bud on the market. For reference, a gram of moon rock bud costs an average of $25 to $35. An eighth of a rock would cost between $90 to $100.

How Do You Smoke Moon Rocks?

Moon rocks aren’t difficult to smoke compared to typical cannabis flower, but there are some extra steps and attention to detail when doing so. Here are some things to keep in mind when smoking your lunar cannabis:

  • Use scissors to break it up into smaller pieces that are easily loaded into a bowl.
  • Smoke moon rocks with a glass piece. Lightly packing moon rocks into a bowl in a glass piece that uses water means you’ll lose less kief and make the smoke session last.
  • Hemp wicks are helpful to keep your moon rocks lit. Due to the dense layers of moon rocks you will need to hold a flame in your bowl longer than dry flower.
  • Don’t try to roll these into a joint or blunt. Their sticky consistency makes them difficult to roll in paper. Avoid the mess and frustration by using a glass piece.
  • Don’t try and break a moon rock up in your grinder. Doing so will clog up your grinder and remove the outer layer of kief.
  • Keep your bowls packed lightly. Trying to pack a tight bowl of moon rocks will make it difficult to light and enjoy.

Can You Make Your Own Moon Rocks?

Some people opt to make their own moon rocks instead of buying them at their local dispensary. If you’d like to try making your own astral cannabis nugs, you’ll need these items:

  • A nug of cannabis flower
  • Extract
  • Kief (can be bought from your dispensary or collected from your grinder)
  • Something to separate sticky ingredients, like tongs or tweezers
  • A liquid dropper

Now that you’ve collected the required ingredients to assemble moon rocks cannabis, follow these step by step instructions to make your own:

  1. Apply your cannabis extract to the whole exterior of your nug of cannabis flower. Some extracts may need to be heated up to turn into a liquid before being adhered to your bud. With some extracts, you can use a liquid dropper to coat your nug.
  2. Continue step one with two to three more layers of extract. Give each layer a chance to permeate through the bud before applying the next layer. Feel free to skip this step if you’d like a less potent moon rock.
  3. Roll your extract-covered nug through your kief. This may be easier with tweezers or tongs if it’s too sticky to handle. The kief should bind to the oil-covered bud easily.
  4. Now, set your kief-covered nug aside. This should be in a cool place, where it can dry away from direct light.
  5. Once your moon rock has set, it’s ready to be smoked and enjoyed!

In Conclusion

Now that you know the definition of this lunar bud and the differences between it and “cannabis caviar,” you’re ready for the ultimate smoke session. These potent nugs pack a powerful and pleasant, out of this world high. As long as you pack your bowls the right way and enjoy your moon rocks from a glass piece, you’ll be flying high with this lunar cannabis.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even make your own moon rocks with our DIY steps. As always, be safe when smoking any cannabis products, and have fun!

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