How To Store Marijuana

8 Steps to Grow Awesome Indica Marijuana

How to store marijuana learn from us, Although the marijuana seeds are strong and autonomous, they require some care during their preservation to be used later. Thus, we can have a collection of seeds of different varieties without having to cultivate them all at the same time.

Earthy, citrus or sweet flavors, the organo-leptic nuances that this plant hides are innumerable. However, our care should not fall once we have our buds in our hands. By following these simple steps we can keep cannabis for much longer, without fear of deterioration.

Follow these steps for best storage:

The best way to store the crop is, therefore, in sealed containers, for example glass. It is important that we choose one that suits the size of the buds. There cannot be too much free space in the container (because it fills with air, drying the marijuana), but we probably do not want to crush them either so that they lose their characteristic resin. The best we can do then: tighten them without forcing them.

The first factor to keep in mind is temperature. The best way to keep cannabis in perfect condition is to find a cool place, with a temperature around 25ºC. Excessive heat would dry the cannabinoids and terpenes, causing our buds to lose their properties. Too low temperatures can end up being a serious problem, since they slow down the process of decarboxylation, in charge of turning THCA into THC.

Another key factor in achieving the purpose is controlling moisture, which will help keep our cannabis away from contaminants. In this sense, there are opinions for all tastes, although it is true that most agree that the best thing is that the humidity in the air is between 59% and 63%. It is well known that UVA rays can be very harmful to any organic material, and unfortunately marijuana does not escape this risk. Presence of light is precisely the factor that most determines the degradation of cannabinoids.

Experts speak on this issue!

The experts who carried out that work also pointed out that these could be kept stable for up to two years, provided that marijuana was properly stored. Therefore, if we want to keep our crop in good stead, it is of vital importance that we try to avoid direct contact with sunlight, since the UVA rays that it gives rise to chemical reactions in marijuana cannabinoids, which are nothing desirable.

The last tip is to correctly label each variety of cannabis, to avoid having to open the boxes until we go to cultivate them. It may seem like an obvious recommendation, but it is the only way to make sure that within a few years we will know where we have saved each variety. It is always a good time to enjoy the qualities of marijuana.

Another pointer to know…

Of course, when we decide how to store our marijuana we must take into account the consumption that we are going to carry out. If we plan to eat it or prepare tea with it, we must take into account that the process is different, since in these cases it is less advisable to maintain cannabis for long periods of time. For example, for recipes based on cannabis, it is best to follow the directions of the containers, as if any other food was.



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