How to Understand How Much Weed You’re Getting

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It’s good to know what measurements weed is usually sold in because if you’re going to buy it, knowing what each weight looks like and usual costs can help you avoid getting less than you paid for. Weed is usually sold in grams, eighths, a quarter, and in ounces. We’ll go over each one so that you have the information you need to make an informed decision when purchasing.

Weed Measurement Cheat Sheet

A Gram

A gram of weed will roughly be enough to pack a few bowls or roll a couple of small joints. Most dispensaries will have pre-rolls that are a gram. In a gram, you may get a few small or medium-sized buds. Some strains of Indica may be more compact, whereas Sativas tend to be fluffier, so keep that in mind when buying buds.

A Quarter

A quarter of weed is a quarter ounce and weighs 7 grams. When in a Ziploc bag, a quarter is about two fingers high worth of weed, twice as much as an eighth.

An Ounce

One ounce contains 28 grams of weed and will typically fill up a Ziploc to the height of about four fingers across. Again, pay attention to the size while considering the type of bud you are buying as Indica is more compact and Sativas will look like more since they are airer.

Different Weights

Understanding the different weights of how weed is sold is important to being a cannabis consumer because whether you’re buying a gram, eighth, quarter, or ounce, you will now know how to gauge the amount you got next time you go to pick up your pot. How long your stash lasts is completely up to you and 100% dependent on how much you consume.
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