Making Your Own Magic Mushroom Tea!

Own Magic Mushroom Tea – One of the things you often hear about magic mushrooms is their notable taste. They’re not exactly like the kind of mushrooms you’d buy at the grocery store, or typically eat on a pizza or in a nice pasta dish. They’re rather dry, hard to chew with a stringy texture. They also have a strange, heavy aroma that is similar to wood and dirt. Honestly, they’re not tasty at all, which is why so many users of magic mushrooms tend to eat them with other foods, though no matter what you eat them with, the pungent flavour always remains and tends to be pretty overpowering, particularly with larger doses. One way of remedying this and overcoming its strong flavour when consuming is by making mushroom tea!

What Exactly are Magic Mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms, also known simply as “shrooms”, are mushrooms that contain psilocybin and psilocin, which are naturally occurring psychoactive and hallucinogenic properties. When consumed, they allow users to experience psychedelic “trips”. They have been around and used by humans for thousands of years as part of ritual ceremonies, though in more recent history it has been used as a recreational substance and is often associated with counterculture, hippie culture and new spirituality. These days, however, scientific research is showing that these psychedelic mushrooms have a use beyond recreation as further studies reveal their medical potential in therapy; Johns Hopkins University even has its own Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research dedicated to unlocking the potential magic of these fungi.

Effects and Benefits of Shrooms

Shrooms are highly regarded for their deeply euphoric and psychedelic trips. Users note elated feelings of happiness, emotional clarity and experiencing bouts of laughter and giggles. This uplifting experience is heightened by sensory distortion and an altered sense of time, with users sometimes experiencing visuals that aren’t actually there. While negative mental side effects can include anxiety, paranoia and fear due to these effects, resulting in “bad trips”, the effects are short term and can vary between users and doses. Magic mushrooms are currently being studied by scientists in controlled environments to discover the medicinal uses that these mushrooms could provide, such as treating a variety of mood disorders including anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. 

Magic Mushrooms

Why Should I Make My Own Magic Mushroom Tea?

While magic mushrooms are dried and can be eaten as is, they can also be grounded into a powder to infuse with drinks or food. One of the most effective ways of extracting its psychedelic compounds while avoiding its gritty, dirty and earthy taste, however, is by making delicious shroom tea! Tea as an extracted form of psilocybin can actually hit users with full on effects as quickly as 15 minutes after consumption, whereas eating them outright can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour (sometimes more!) before experiencing any psychedelics. Consuming them as a liquid may also help with stomach upsets which tends to be a common factor for those that eat mushrooms, as the liquid form is more gentle on the stomach. Admittedly, there are pre-made shroom mixes available such as Alice Mushroom High Tea, but why not customize your own and cater to your own flavour preferences and dosage? Besides, tea is super easy to make, won’t give you a belly ache, and saves you from having to chew on that weird texture and strange tasting fungi!

Making Your Shroom Tea

Boil Your Water

Unlike other substances or compounds that dissolve in hot heat, psilocybin does not get destroyed or disappear when magic mushrooms are boiled. In fact, boiling them is the fastest way to extract psilocybin! To make it easy and safe to consume, however, feel free to let your water cool down a bit for a few minutes.

Chop Up Your Mushrooms

Cut up your mushrooms into smaller pieces. In terms of dosage, take your regular amount that you are comfortable with. A good measurement ratio is typically 1g to 5g of shrooms per 1 cup depending on your preference. 

Steep Your Magic Fungi!

Your shrooms can be brewed directly in the hot water and left to stew in your cup to be eaten, or you can steep them and filter them out later if you don’t want to deal with the mushy leftovers–don’t worry about losing the goods, enough psilocybin would have been extracted and the tea will be potent enough!

Flavour Your Tea

While magic mushroom tea might not sound too appealing if you are familiar with the taste of the fungi, it honestly does not taste like much once boiled, so feel free to flavour your tea! Squeeze some lemon for a bit of citrus sourness, add a spoon of honey for some sweetness, throw in some mint for a bit of freshness, or simple add in your favourite tea bag!

Voila! You have your very own delectable magic mushroom tea! Drink up and enjoy your amazing psychedelic trip! Try out some of our magic mushroom options from the Shroom Room!

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