Marijuana Strains: Beginner’s Guide

Marijuana Strains Beginners Guide

Here are the Beginners guide for Marijuana strains – Weed is now exceptionally easy to buy anywhere in Canada, but with all the marijuana strains available, you might have a hard time choosing. No matter which store or dispensary you buy from, you’ll be met with a massive selection of indica, sativa, and hybrid strains. Experienced users might have their favorites, but there are still countless different types to try out, and beginners might feel spoilt for choice.

Marijuana strains often differ in their appearance, their aroma, their taste, and even in the effects they give you. People often choose a strain depending on the kind of high they want and which kind of flavor they prefer. Although strains are categorized to make things easier, there’s still a huge amount of choice and it helps to do some research before you decide what to buy.

Other cannabis products such as concentrates also come in different strains, so you’ll still have a wide selection no matter how you choose to consume your cannabis. So how are strains different from each other and how do you choose the right one? Here’s a beginner’s guide to marijuana strains to make your buying choices easier.

What are Marijuana Strains?

Whenever you buy weed, you’ll be met with a wide selection of different marijuana strains. Although all cannabis plants are the same species, they come in all kinds of strains which can affect their properties. When different strains of plants are harvested and dried, the resulting products often look different, smell different, and according to users, also offer different effects.

You can even grow different strains yourself using marijuana seeds, and breeders even crossbreed and experiment with different plants to create entirely new strains. The level of variety makes things extra interesting for marijuana users as consuming one strain can feel very different from another depending on the kind of strain it is and the terpenoid and cannabinoid content it contains.

Marijuana strains also make things easier for buyers. People often make their choice of what to buy depending on the kind of strain they want and many users have their favorite strains. While beginner users may be daunted by the large variety of strains available, stores and dispensaries offer information on the properties of different strains for some extra clarity.

What are Marijuana Strains

How do Marijuana Strains Differ from Each Other?

Marijuana products can differ quite significantly depending on the strain they come from. Not only are there different breeds of marijuana plants, but plants of the same breed can differ from each other in various ways.

Strains are usually categorized into three different types based on the kind of plants they’re grown from. Indica strains come from cannabis indica plants and are generally known for delivering a more relaxing and body-focused high. Sativa strains come from cannabis sativa plants and are known for more mentally stimulating effects. Hybrid strains come from crossbred plants which have properties of both indica and sativa strains.

Strains also differ from each other in their taste and smell. Each marijuana strain has a unique terpenoid profile. Terpenes are essential oils found in high quantities in marijuana which determine the aroma and flavor of the marijuana flower. 

For instance, some are more earthy and dank while others are sweet, fruity or floral. Some strains even have hints of flavors like coffee, chocolate, and cheese. As well as adding to the flavor of a plant, terpenes can also offer different effects.

Each marijuana strain also differs in its cannabinoid content. You’ll often notice when buying strains that you’ll be given the percentage of THC and CBD of the strain. Strains below 15% THC will give you a milder high, whereas strains which go above 20% are known for hard-hitting, potent, psychoactive effects. 

Strains with higher CBD are usually better for medical use and also counteract the effects of THC, making the high much less overwhelming. Strains also contain differing levels of other cannabinoids such as CBG and CBC. While these are non-psychoactive, they can add to the medical benefits of a strain.

What are Indica Marijuana Strains?

Indica strains are strains of weed which come from cannabis indica plants. Indica plants are generally shorter and bushier than their sativa counterparts with wide leaves. They grow faster and produce a higher yield, hence while you’ll usually see a much more varied selection of indica strains.

When it comes to the effects, indica strains are known to be more relaxing and mellowing. Most will quickly make you feel at ease mentally, giving you a euphoric head high that’s great for counteracting stress. Indica strains are also known for giving you a strong body high. They’ll relieve you of all kinds of aches, strains, and physical distress.

Medical users who want relief for chronic pain from conditions like arthritis, multiple sclerosis, neuropathic pain, and endometriosis often opt for indica strains due to their fast-acting analgesic body high. Indica strains can also be useful for those who want to relieve chronic stress and anxiety as they’ll put you in a more blissful and carefree state of mind.

They’re great for relaxation, although they aren’t ideal for every situation. Indica strains can make it hard for some users to focus and potent indica strains will make you feel more lazy and sleepy. These strains are usually best for use in the evening or at night when you just want to unwind, watch some TV or listen to some music, and eventually fall into a deep sleep.

What are Indica Marijuana Strains

What are Sativa Marijuana Strains?

Sativa strains come from cannabis sativa plants. In contrast to indica plants, sativa plants are taller, narrower, and usually take longer to grow. They need a lot of light and are usually easier to grow outdoors than indoors. Sativa strains are less common than indica strains, but many of the most popular marijuana strains come from sativa plants.

Users usually report a more stimulating and mind-focused high from sativa strains, although they still give you some soothing physical effects too. You’ll usually feel more happy, focused, and creative, with heightened senses making every activity more fun and interesting.

Sativa strains are particularly useful for medical users looking to counteract mental health issues. They can quickly help relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety as well as reducing stress. They can also help with physical issues such as pain, headaches, and migraines.

While indicas are better for evening use, sativa strains are perfect for daytime use or even as a morning strain. Smoking a little will perk your mood up and make you more focused and motivated to take on the day. While indica strains will help you get to sleep, sativa strains will help offset fatigue.

What are Hybrid Marijuana Strains?

As an alternative option to indica and sativa strains, you can also buy hybrid strains. These come from plants which have been crossbred to have properties of both indica and sativa plants. There are all kinds of hybrid strains with different ratios of indica to sativa- some may be predominantly in favor of indica or sativa genetics whereas others have an even balance of both.

Hybrid strains are usually popular as they can give you both indica and sativa effects. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing physical high or a stimulating mental high, you can get both with hybrid strains. There are also many hybrid strains to choose from, and you can opt for an indica-dominant or sativa-dominant hybrid strain depending on your mood and the kind of high you want.

They’re also well-balanced for medical users. They can help with both physical issues such as chronic pain, muscle spasms, headaches, migraines, and aches and strains as well as boosting your mood and counteracting stress, anxiety, and depression.

Balanced hybrid strains are usually good for use at any time of the day and also suit all kinds of purposes. However, there’s a lot of variance between hybrid strains, so some may feel more like an indica or sativa strain.

How Do You Pick the Right Strain

How Do You Pick the Right Strain?

With so many strains available, users might have a hard time deciding which strain is best for them. However, there are a few ways to determine which strain you should buy. 

Users who want a more physically relaxing high usually go for indica strains whereas sativa strains generally suit those who want a more stimulating head high. Hybrid strains can suit all kinds of purposes, although they may lean one way or the other.

Even between these subcategories, strains can differ quite significantly in their effects and benefits. Stores will often display the levels of THC and CBD. High-THC strains are better for those who want a powerful psychoactive high, whereas high-CBD strains give you a milder high with more medical benefits.

You can also make your choice based on the aroma and taste of a marijuana strain. Strains can vary significantly in how they smell as well as how they taste when you smoke or vape them. Some are earthy and spicy whereas some are sweet and fruity.

If you want to see product descriptions and reviews before you buy a strain, it’s best to buy marijuana online. There’s a huge selection of strains available for delivery on, each with descriptions on the appearance, flavor, effects, and benefits. You can also check out a range of customer reviews if you need another opinion.

What are the Best Indica Strains?

If you’re looking for a strain to help mellow you out and help you relax, then indica strains are for you. Here are some of the best and most popular indica strains available to buy.

Death Bubba – Death Bubba is a hard-hitting indica with THC levels reaching up to 25-28%. With its distinct flavor and fast-acting effects, it’s a favorite for many experienced cannabis lovers. Death Bubba might be a little too strong for beginners, but those who want an intense psychoactive high will love it.

Northern Lights – Northern Lights is a popular indica strain which boasts multiple Cannabis Cup awards. It’s great for those who want to lay back and indulge in a heavy body high that relieves any pain or physical tension. It’s also great if you want a strain to use as a sleep aid.

Mataro Blue – Mataro Blue mixes multiple different strains to result in one of the best indica strains on the market. Recreational users will love the heavy-hitting and tranquilizing body high, whereas medical users will enjoy it for its potent pain-relieving and stress-relieving effects.

Best Indica Strains Death Bubba

What are the Best Sativa Strains?

If you’re in the market for a more uplifting and stimulating strain, then you’ll want to try a sativa marijuana strain. These are some of the best and most popular sativa strains.

Ghost Train Haze – With THC levels hitting as high as 27%, Ghost Train Haze is known as one of the most potent strains on earth. If you’re looking for an exciting and stimulating head high that’ll make every activity seem more fun and interesting, this is a great strain to try out.

Harlequin CBD – If you want less psychoactive effects and more medical benefits, Harlequin CBD is the perfect strain for you. It’ll still perk you up and heighten your senses, but with a CBD to THC ratio of around 5:2, it’s primed for helping with all kinds of medical symptoms from pain and inflammation to anxiety and depression.

Laughing Buddha – As you can guess from the name, Laughing Buddha will put you in a great mood fast. It’s a perfect sativa strain for social situations, but even if you just want a fun strain to wash away a negative mood, Laughing Buddha should be your go-to.

What are the Best Hybrid Strains?

Hybrid strains are popular due to their mix of both indica and sativa genetics. They can give you a great body and head high at any time of the day. Here are some of the best and most popular hybrid strains to check out.

Black Diamond – Black Diamond is the perfect strain for relieving pains and aches while also putting you in a more positive, stimulated, and social mood. The cross between Blackberry and Diamond OG has a delicious taste and effects that all users will enjoy.

Gorilla Glue #4 – Also referred to as GG4 and Original Glue, this indica-dominant hybrid strain is known worldwide for its ability to stimulate your mind before making you feel intensely relaxed and glued to the couch.

Pineapple Express – Pineapple Express is another world-popular hybrid strain that leans more towards sativa effects. With its mouth-watering tropical taste and uplifting, stimulating effects, this is a great strain for anyone.


There’s a massive amount of variety when it comes to marijuana strains, and users often make their choice based on the effects, benefits, smell, taste, and even appearance of a strain. There’s no harm in trying all kinds of different strains out to find your favorites, and if you’re having a hard time picking, you can always buy a Variety Pack of cannabis.

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