Romulan Cheese

20%-24% THC
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Next Generation Seeds has taken a combination of stellar North American and classic Dutch genetics to create a heavyset sativa-dominant strain. Romulan Cheese, just like the name suggests, is a cross between Romulan and the original Cheese phenotype. This heavy-hitter combines the best genetics from Holland, with one of North America’s most cerebral and introspective strains. With THC levels that average out around 19%, Romulan Cheese is recommended for medicinal users looking to treat severe pain, aches, inflammation and much more, while providing a cerebral knockout for those looking for a recreational high. The perfect day or night strain, it offers a deep, introspective high that uplifts, energizes and boosts creativity while also relaxing the body into a state of bliss. The flavours of Romulan Cheese are unique and pungent, paying homage to both parental strains. Notes of a sour spunkiness from Romulan combine with the creamy, earthiness of Cheese to create a distinct terpene profile like none other.

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