16%-18% THC
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A perfect example of true top notch quality west coast breeding, the SeaWarp strain (which is sometimes simply shortened to SW) is a balanced hybrid that was born and bred in the Kootenay region of beautiful British Columbia! It might sound like it was named after a comic book villain’s weapon, but this magnificent strain was actually named after its parents: Sea Level, Ben Johnson and TimeWarp! Great for day time usage, it averages around 18% THC content, and is known to deliver quite a mind warping high that is cerebral, uplifting and euphoric. With classic cannabis aromas and flavours that are rich in earthy pinewood tones and complemented by fresh citrus lemons, SeaWarp is extremely enjoyable in terms of its great taste and potent high! Those who already love this strain may also particularly be interested in Viridesco VV+ SeaWarp Honey Oil!

PLEASE NOTE: This batch of SeaWarp consists of smaller buds. The quality of this batch has been reflected in the sale price.

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