17%-22% THC
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SFV OG Kush is an intoxicating hybrid strain created by Cali Connection as a strain that has the ability to provide pain relief, relaxation without a debilitating couch-lock type of high. Originally a cut of OG Kush that was shared around the San Fernando Valley, Swerve of Cali Connection crossed it with Afghan #1, a potent landrace hailing from Afghanistan and back-crossed it to create the gassy and pine-like strain we now adore. Now one of the most well-known OG family members, SFV OG has become highly recognized for it’s potent effects and unique terpene profile, even taking 3rd place in the 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup. As an indica-dominant hybrid strain, the THC levels tend to mimic those of many other typical indica strains, weighing in around 19-22% on average. With a higher concentration of Linalool and Alpha Humulene terpenes, the smoke can be on the harsher side, but once past that, users will be truly pleased with its’ effects and fun, relaxing high. The high begins with an intoxicating, heady buzz that is described as happy, uplifting and relaxing. This quickly transitions into a heavy-hitting body high that numbs out pain and eases the muscles. Intoxicating and relaxing, but not heavy enough to leave users couch-locked, SFV OG is a great all-around strain that packs more of a punch than most.

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