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Stinky Pinky

18%-21% THC
1% CBD
(29 customer reviews)

Stinky Pinky is a unique Pink Kush variant bred in beautiful British Columbia. A descendant of the original California Skunk lineage, this indica-dominant strain takes the face-melting pungency of its’ predecessor and combines it with the intense, diesel notes of Pink Kush to create a strain that’s definitely worthy of your stash. THC levels for Stinky Pinky generally sit around the low 20s, with average concentrations ranging from 18%-21%. Save this one for evening use – unless you’re planning to lounge around all day. Users report Stinky Pinky giving a heavily sedating body high that is matched by an uplifting and mind-numbingly relaxing buzz.

LINEAGE Pink Kush phenotype
EFFECTS Relaxed, Happy, Hungry & Giggly
CLASSIFICATION Indica-dominant
TERPENE PROFILE Gas, Pine, Diesel & Earthy

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