Top 20 Health Benefits of Cannabis

If you’re reading the article, you may be interested in utilizing cannabis in your everyday life. 

Cannabis contains a mixture of CBD and THC, both of which help the brain and body in various ways. You can utilize the natural plant if you’re looking for the benefits of both chemicals, or you can use extracts of either CBD or THC, depending on what you’re seeking. 

Cannabis has garnered increasing attention for its various potential benefits. From physical to emotional relief, the plant can assist users in many ways. In this article, we’ll cover the top 20 health benefits of cannabis. 

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1. Reduces Physical Pain

Whether you suffer from chronic pain or recovering from an injury, marijuana could help you speed up the process. The chemical compounds in cannabis, called cannabinoids, may alter the body’s perception of pain. Studies have linked cannabis to chronic pain relief in patients, and that relief is one of the primary reasons for the growing use of the plant.

Cannabis makeup also promotes muscle relaxation. This effect is one of the health benefits of medical cannabis linked to its pain-relieving properties. 

If you use cannabis to help cure physical ailments, you have many options. You can smoke, eat edibles, or make use of the health benefits of cannabis oil.

2. Improves Lung Capacity

Contrary to popular belief, smoking cannabis does not damage your lungs nor affect your ability to take deep breaths. If you smoke it through proper instruments and use the right technique, you could actually be helping your lungs gain capacity. The deep inhalations of the smoke, or vapor, help you take deeper breaths in general. 

3. Regulate Diabetes

Cannabis helps lower and regulate insulin resistance in some patients that have diabetes. The plant helps manage blood sugar levels, lower general blood pressure, and improve the fluid circulation through your body. With the medicinal forms, you could also relieve any arterial inflammation that occurs as a side effect of your diabetes. 

4. Regulate Weight

When you smoke marijuana, you are regulating your appetite. Even though marijuana use often gets associated with the ‘munchies’ and eating, cannabis users often have a lower BMI. 

The reason is that cannabis changes the gut biome that helps realign your digestive system. Plus, when you’re ingesting certain strains, your insulin levels stabilize, and you become less hungry. Most regular marijuana smokers don’t end up gaining or losing mass amounts of weight. 

5. Helps Patients with Cancer

Many patients with cancer utilize medical marijuana. The plant helps manage the pain and side effects of chemotherapy, including loss of appetite. CBD helps with the body aches, while THC encourages food consumption and allows patients to focus on something other than the pain. 

6. Reduces Depression

Many people suffer from depression or depressive episodes. Though medicine, cognitive therapy, and group therapy have their benefits, cannabis can also help. Depending on the strain, the plant can help reduce symptoms of depression. The plant medicine can help calm you down and bring you out of negative moods. In some cases, they can also help you get better sleep, which leads to an improved feeling. 

7. Can Help Autistic Individuals

The cannabis plant can help in calming people down. Plus, the medicine stabilizes moods. If autistic individuals experience extreme mood swings, medical marijuana can potentially lead to behavioral improvements in people with autism, especially children.

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8. Regulating Seizures

The potential for cannabis to help individuals who experience seizures is highly positive. Epileptic people could potentially benefit from ingesting marijuana. 

9. Strengthen Bones

Another one of the major health benefits of medical cannabis is its ability to help bones heal. Marijuana can quicken the healing process for broken bones if you use it with other treatment methods that your doctor recommends. Plus, the plant strengthens bones and makes them harder to break in the future. 

10. ADD/ADHD Management

Cannabis can help boost the focus and concentration of individuals with ADD and ADHD. The research is ongoing but shows promising results for the plant as an alternative to Adderall and Ritalin. 

11. Helps with Glaucoma

If you suffer from glaucoma, the extra pressure on your eyeball causes extreme pain. You develop migraines, have trouble eating, and usually can’t get to sleep quickly. Cannabis can potentially provide temporary relief for the aching eyes by reducing intraocular pressure.

12. Reducing Anxiety

By monitoring the dosage and making sure that you never take too much, cannabis can treat your anxiety. The higher CBD doses can provide physical and mental relief from anxiousness. 

13. Delay Alzheimer’s

The endocannabinoid in cannabis contains anti-inflammatory agents. These properties have the potential to prevent brain inflammation and delay the onset of Alzheimer’s

14. Alleviate Arthritis Pain

THC and CBD both have properties that help soothe arthritis aches and pains. You can purchase topical cannabis products for this type of joint-pain-relief.

15. PTSD Relief

Patients with PTSD suffer from an overly responsive fight or flight system. Cannabis could potentially help regulate the system

16. Help People with Multiple Sclerosis

Cannabis can help reduce pain if you have multiple sclerosis. The plant helps relax the muscles after they painfully contract. 

17. Increases the Effectiveness of Hepatitis C Treatment 

When you’re undergoing treatment for Hepatitis C, you will most likely suffer from a variety of symptoms. You will feel nauseous, tired, depressed, and achy in your muscles. Cannabis won’t cure Hep C, but it can help reduce the severity of the symptoms associated with medications for the condition.

18. Helps Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

THC and cannabidiol help enhance the gut’s immune response, helping individuals who have Crohn’s disease and IBS. 

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19. Reduce Alcohol Cravings

Cannabis could potentially be a safer alternative to alcohol as it reduces the desire to drink. This substitute falls in line with the harm-reduction approach to treating alcoholism.

20. Promote Better Sleep

Because of its ability to help you relax, cannabis could potentially help you get a better night’s sleep. The THC in the plant helps your muscles release tension and induces sleep more quickly. 

Cannabis Can Help 

There are many health benefits of medical cannabis. So long as you manage your doses and heed medical professionals’ advice, you can use it for its many beneficial properties.

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