Top 5 Best Cannabis Dispensaries in Vancouver

Canada is the second country to legalize marijuana – so it is no surprise the country has some of the best cannabis dispensaries around. Vancouver is a leader in dispensaries, offering some of the best cannabis in the world. The city has even been called “Vansterdam” because of its reputation of being 420-friendly.

Whether you need cannabis for medical reasons or recreational enjoyment, you will need a good dispensary. If you are Vancouver local or just visiting, we want to connect you to some of the best cannabis dispensaries in Vancouver. Here are our picks for the Top 5 best dispensaries in Vancouver, British Columbia!

  1. Village Bloomery

First on the list is one of the most reputable dispensaries in the city. It has a charming community and a wide range of cannabis products. Village Bloomery believes that its products create “energy, confidence, friendship, and joy.”

It supports the Vancouver community by striving to locally source products with organic processing. The products include everything from flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, and edibles. It even offers some of the best CBD tincture in Vancouver.

Village Bloomery has a wide range of cannabis varieties, including products from popular brands like 7ACRES, Avita, and Bare Organics. You can also find accessories like vaporizers, cartridges, grinders, and more.

In addition to meeting your needs for product options and a welcoming vibe, this dispensary has pre-order available. You can place the order online, get a text when it is ready, and then pop by to pick it up.

  • Evergreen Cannabis Society

Evergreen Cannabis Society has the honor of being the first recreational cannabis shop in Vancouver. It paved the path for dispensaries in Vancouver! Since opening, it has been committed to providing the best lab-tested and government approved cannabis products. This dispensary is also unique because it has superb dry-herb vaporizers in stock, something you will be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

The business grew product options over time and currently offers everything from flower, edibles, oils, vapes, and pre-rolls. It even has branded gear with cool designs so you can rep with pride! Plus, the accessories include everything from vaporizers to bamboo rolling trays.

The business owners have over 20 years of industry experience and offer their knowledge to customers through education and awareness. Customers are free to ask questions about the risks of cannabis and benefits while shopping in a safe and welcoming environment. This dispensary has earned and maintained its reputation as a top dispensary in Vancouver.

Shopping in-person is easy, but Evergreen Cannabis Society also has pre-order available. Place the order online and pick it up in person, no problem!

  • City Cannabis CO

This next dispensary is embarking on a mission to “erase the stigma” that surrounds cannabis and helping the Vancouver community learn about the many dimensions of cannabis. This dispensary is welcoming for both experienced cannabis users and novices looking to learn.

 It also has a cool boutique look for a unique aesthetic and atmosphere vibe. The locations reflect Vancouver’s unique vibes by incorporating natural light, reclaimed wood, and ample greenery. It prioritizes sustainability by creating spaces and practices that give back to the planet.

Notably, City Cannabis CO has several locations around Vancouver. It can be found in many popular areas, including Robson St, Cambie St, and Comox Valley. The multiple locations mean you can likely find this shop near you, no matter where you live.

Every store carries a wide range of products for every mood. You can find everything from mellow and smooth CBD oils for therapeutics to cannabis plants with a punch. Some brands on hand are Sweet Island Skunk and Unite Organic.

You can find edibles, concentrates, vapes, extracts, seeds, capsules, oil, and flowers.

  • Canna Farmacy

Canna Farmacy makes the list because of its emphasis on creating natural alternatives to pharmaceutical medication. This dispensary partners with some of the best cannabis cultivators around to meet the growing demand of medical cannabis. There are also locations on the West Coast in addition to Vancouver!

The product options include concentrates, edibles, flowers, and accessories like rolling papers. It has a unique range of edible products, including rice krispy treats.

A unique factor here is the mail-order option. Canna Farmacy has a discrete mail order program to bring it directly to your door. This is a solid choice if you need medicinal marijuana or want to try some of Vancouver’s best but cannot travel there in person.

  • The Medical Cannabis Dispensary

The last dispensary on the list has provided medicinal cannabis in Vancouver for over ten years. It is a unique dispensary because it operates as a non-profit society since October 2008. It has both an online store and an education center!

The cannabis products are high quality and include CBD oils, vape pens, flower strains like indica and sativa, and more. Signature products from The Medical Cannabis Dispensary include body care items like creams and salves. Plus, it carries the “weediest books and stoniest stories.” Did you know there’s a book called, “Hairy Pothead and the Marijuana Stone?” They have it!

The store also carries pet-friendly oils and treats if you have a pet in need of help with chronic pain, cancer treatment, or appetite stimulation.

The Medical Cannabis Dispensary has online order options.

What Do I Need to Buy Cannabis in Vancouver?

Before you visit these dispensaries, make sure you familiarize yourself with the legal requirements these retailers follow.

In Vancouver, you must be 19 to possess, purchase, or consume cannabis. Each dispensary will verify your age, so be sure to bring at least two forms of government-issued photo ID. One should have your legal name and date of birth while the other should have your name, photo, and/or signature.

Keep Exploring!

Since legalization, more dispensaries are opening their doors in Vancouver and around Canada. The cannabis community is thriving and welcoming, so explore all your options! Start with these top five but if you pass an interesting dispensary, stop in!

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