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What Is Pink Kush?

The Pink Kush strain is a form of cannabis, noted for its Indica-dominant make-up and profound body relaxing effects. It also is famous for providing the user with a more potent euphoric high than other strains, due to its high THC composition.

Pink Kush goes by various names, including Pink Cadillac, Pink OG, and even Pink Candy Strain. Its popularity is due to its unique flavouring and stress-relieving properties. For this reason, it ranks as one of the best social strains.

Is Pink Kush a Sativa or Indica?

It’s a bit of both! With a maximum estimate of each, most Pink Kush strains feature the following make-up:

  • 22% THC
  • 1% CBD
  • 10% Sativa
  • 90% Indica

The distinct lack of CBD is what accounts for the euphoric high associated with Pink Kush. THC, otherwise known as tetrahydrocannabinol, is a psychoactive chemical. It affects the endocannabinoid system in the human body. The higher the THC count, the greater impact it will have on your perception. This interaction with your body’s natural processes is what creates a high. 

What Effect Does Pink Kush Have on the Body?

Although sativa only makes up 10% of its total composite, it plays an integral role. The sativa is what provides Pink Kush with its uplifting effects as opposed to a more sedate experience. It isn’t to say the strain isn’t soothing. Indeed, Pink Kush is one of the best strains for soothing nerves and anxious feelings.


Its relaxing effects are due to its 90% indica make-up. Indica-dominant strains produce calming effects. In terms of pain relief, users often report significant improvement when dealing with migraines, back pains, and other dull aches around the body. 

Even though Pink Kush doesn’t directly associate with any sedate feeling, it can help slow torrents of thoughts. This outcome has been incredibly helpful in the case of insomniacs. Many people find the inability to slow their minds a distinct barrier to healthy sleep. 

Calming Nerves

Its predominant positive feedback comes from its reputation as a social strain. Strains in this category are most effective in social settings, as their name suggests. They promote relaxed conversation, reduced anxiety, and overall good feelings.

They can also reduce mental pressure relating to how ‘interesting’ or ‘funny’ an individual may be coming across. The absence of this pressure allows for more natural social interactions. 

Pink Kush also leads to an increased desire to snack, which always brings people together. 

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What Aroma and Flavour Does Pink Kush Possess?

In both smell and taste, Pink Kush is distinctive. The smell is often rather striking and can divide a crowd in terms of personal preference. Overall, it possesses a woody, earthy scent dispersed with sweeter tones. Many people find the aroma to be pleasant.

The flavour of Pink Kush is where it gets into its own. If you thought the scent was unique, wait till you have a taste. The overarching word to describe this strain is robust. The most prominent note you’ll experience is candied vanilla. There are also significant elements of menthol with just a touch of sour citrus. It’s a ride.

Pink Kush vs Orange Kush

For a similarly citrus flavour without such potent THC, you might consider Orange Kush. How strong is Orange Kush? Well, its THC levels are 6% lower on average than Pink Kush. While this is still a potent hit, it isn’t quite as heavy, and some users may prefer it. 

Positive Effects Specific to the Pink Kush Strain

Pink Kush finds its popularity among those who experience frequent stress and anxious thoughts. It provides a two-fold benefit in that it both soothes and encourages euphoric feelings. Due to the associated high length, it can also provide an extended tension-release, which is ideal for muscle pain. 

Chronic Pain

Those with chronic conditions will also benefit from this particular strain as it can provide relief in their day to day lives. As most Pink Kush strains possess little sedative effect, it provides users with a way to alleviate their symptoms while leaving them clear-minded to complete daily tasks. It’s a discreet strain, making it versatile and accessible for many.

Mental Health

The conversation surrounding cannabis and certain mental disorders remains a complicated one. Pink Kush has been gaining attention in this regard because its soothing properties can assist with specific symptoms of anxiety, PTSD, and some panic disorders. 

ADHD and Insomnia

It has also demonstrated an ability to help people with ADHD find focus and assist insomniacs with their sleeping patterns. The tenuous relationship between cannabis consumption and mental health is still something to take seriously, however. 

Is Cannabis an Appropriate Treatment for Mental Health?

Pink Kush is specifically a strain that provides soothing sensations. This effect naturally lends itself to the belief that Pink Kush can reduce symptoms arising from anxiety. However, the direct relationship between cannabis and an anxiety disorder itself remains questionable. 

The specificity of the disorder is critical when discussing cannabis and anxiety. Anxiety disorders can cause the sufferer to develop a myriad of symptoms, some more debilitating than others. As it stands, there is insufficient evidence to suggest medical marijuana improves the symptoms of those with severe anxiety disorders.

A study published in 2020 found that the research into the effects of cannabinoids on mental illness is still too premature to reach absolute conclusions. However, it highlighted the efficacy of CBD products in alleviating social anxiety. It even indicated the positive evidence for treatment in schizophrenia (though with mixed results).

Final Thoughts

Pink Kush is a unique strain of cannabis. Immediately, you can recognize that it is a hybrid like no other from its scent and flavour. The relatively high THC content also provides a reasonably potent hit, which can release tension and provide a distinct calming effect.

Due to the high levels of THC in Pink Kush, this may not be the most suitable option for those wary of strong psychoactive responses. The best strain for you is entirely down to personal preference. 

The best way to find your favourite is by experimenting with a few different kinds until something sticks! To find a dispensary that sells this alluring strain, check out our round-up of the best dispensaries in Canada today!

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