Why You Should Buy Cannabis Online

Every year, more countries legalize cannabis. Legalization brings a new market filled with dispensaries, new places for consumption, and, in some cases, cannabis online.

The market of cannabis buyers in Canada has boomed to the point where many seek to buy online for convenience. Purchasing cannabis online opens customers up to a wider range of products and convenient ordering with delivery. Instead of traveling between dispensaries, you can order directly from online dispensaries.

Of course, you could learn to grow your own weed with online cannabis cultivation courses, but it’s much more convenient to buy cannabis online. And convenience isn’t the only benefit.

Here, we dive into the top reasons why you should buy cannabis online.


You have most likely experienced the joy and ease that comes with shopping online. Once you place an order, you simply wait for the delivery to arrive. You avoid going anywhere in person and have the product ship straight to your house. It doesn’t get easier than this!

Support Local Businesses

If you find it hard to travel to your favorite dispensary, you can still support through online shopping. Perhaps you moved to a new city and just appreciate the product of your old dispensary. You may also not have time to go in-person, or the location is too far. You can avoid this and support local dispensaries through online shopping.

Order Ahead

While ordering online might make you think you are going to be waiting for a delivery, that is not always the case. Ordering online might just mean ordering that you have to order way ahead from your favorite dispensary.

Many places have a pre-order service. You can view and browse the current inventory from the comfort of your couch. Then, just hop over to the dispensary and pick it up. You can skip the lines, ensure what you want is in stock, and cut the hassle.

Shop Around

If you shop online, you can shop around and compare the prices of different strains. Keep in mind cheap strains of cannabis is not always the best idea, but competitive pricing is a thing.

Pull several browsers up to analyze the prices and compare deals. A high-end product will guarantee a good high but will also be a little expensive.

You can also search for the best shipping rates and fastest delivery times. Some dispensaries will have loyalty point programs that will be handy if you are a repeat customer.

Product Options

Whether you are shopping for medicinal or recreational reasons, you might be considering different product types. Shopping online allows you to explore a variety of products. Cannabis products are available in a wide array – including tinctures, oils, smoke, edibles, and vapes. You can also play around with the dosage size when buying online so you find a product you are comfortable with.

Less Intimidating

If you are a novice to cannabis shopping, it can be intimidating to go to the dispensary. You may feel like you have a lot of choices to make in a very short time period or you do not even know what questions to ask.

Online shopping is less intimidating as you shop from the safety of a screen and can take your time looking through the options. You still have access to expert input, but you can take the time coming up with your questions.

Shopping for weed online means less inconvenience and confrontation. You not only can do your entire transaction from your bed, but you can also maintain a level of discretion.

Expert Input

The best online dispensaries will be accessible online and have well-educated staff to answer your questions. You can chat with a supervisor via chat functions or email. They can explain the different forms in stock and how it might benefit you. Another perk is finding out where the cannabis is sourced from and potentially support local growers.

Choosing between tinctures, oils, edibles, and more can be overwhelming. Instead, consult with the in-store expert before making a purchase.

Tips for Online Shopping

Okay, hopefully we have convinced you to buy cannabis online. If you are ready to shop, consider these tips for ordering online:

  • Do not buy from unverified social media accounts. Do not buy from social media accounts at all.
  • Do not receive or mail cannabis across province lines.
  • Do pre-order to skip lines at your favorite dispensary.
  • Do look out for verified legal marijuana delivery services. The Canada Post will require verified services to determine your age upon delivery.
  • Do keep an eye on your favorite dispensaries for deals in your area and other updates.

Know How to Spot a Scam

If you are shopping around, make sure you know how to spot a cannabis scam. Just like any industry, scams come in all shapes and sizes when you shop online. An account might advertise with tempting pictures and offer cheap shipping anywhere in the world. Accounts or websites might even list a phone number to order through.

However, if this is a scam, that number is temporary. The scammer will take the order and trash the number as soon as they have your payment information. They will not contact you again once they have your money and you never see the product.

To avoid this, simply check your sources and order from businesses with contact information.

Check It Out

Purchasing from an online cannabis shop is convenient and typically opens the door to a multitude of product options. Take the time to make well-informed decisions as you consider affordability, quality, and the reputation of the source.

The laws vary, so always consider regulations specific to your country. In Canada, regions have various codes that determine how much cannabis you can buy, the minimum age, and how many plants you can produce with personal cultivation.

If you have weighed our advice and decided that online shopping isn’t your thing, it’s likely that there’s a dispensary not too far for you to travel too. The online dispensaries will be here for you when you need them!

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