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7 Most Potent Edibles Online

Most Potent Edibles

You can now buy some of the most potent edibles online. Marijuana edibles offer a much more intense high than smoking cannabis or other methods. These can hit you hard, offering extreme euphoria, happiness, and heavy couch-lock. Many recreational users prefer these for a stronger psychoactive experience.

Edibles do take a little longer than smoking cannabis to kick in. Usually, the effects start from around an hour to two hours in. After that, you can expect to be high for at least 4 to 8 hours, with some people even feeling some effect half a day later.

If you’re an experienced user looking to buy the most potent edibles online, look no further. Here are some to satisfy your appetite.

Twisted Extracts ZZZ Bombs

Wondering why these are called ZZZ Bombs? These tasty fruit jellies are infused with potent indica cannabis, meaning you’ll get some intense sedating effects. You’ll feel highly relaxed, sleepy, happy, and euphoric.

These are also good for medical use. The soothing properties make for effective pain relief, anxiety reduction, and will melt away your stress fast. The indica effects also make these very useful for tackling insomnia head-on.

Twisted Extracts ZZZ Bombs come in multiple strains and flavours, such as Black Cherry and Raspberry. Each packet comes with 80mg of THC in total, split into 10mg servings. This makes it very easy to control your dosage or even split them up for the fun mild effects of microdosing.

THC Distillates

Distillates offer a unique and extremely potent way to ingest THC orally. They’re made by extracting and distilling tetrahydrocannabinol from marijuana, resulting in a powerful product with THC levels ranging from 90% to 99%.

As you’d imagine, the high THC levels result in a very intense high. You should manage your dosage well with these- even just a little is enough to make you feel relaxed and euphoric for a long time.

Our Holy Grail Clear Distillate is a popular choice . You can apply distillates directly to the tongue for sublingual ingestion or infuse them into foods and drinks, resulting in some of the most potent marijuana edibles.

Baked Edibles

Baked Edibles

Baked goods often make for the most potent edibles. These digest slowly and give you an invigorating, sustained high that will last for many hours. Whether you’re looking for serious relaxation or want to relieve some pain and insomnia, these can help.

Baked Edibles come in many forms. Fudge Brownies, Double Chocolate Cookies, Peanut Butter Minis, and other varieties are on offer. These generally contain different dosages of THC, but generally come in servings of 30mg upwards.

The high THC content means just one of these can make you very high very fast. However, it’s easy enough to split them up if you want to experience the potent effects more than once.

Marijuana Drink Mixes

If you enjoy tea or hot chocolate, and you enjoy marijuana, why not mix the two together? Tea mixes by MOTA offers you a nice brew filled with the joys of potent THC content. You’ll get a lot of medical benefits from drinking this, in addition to a very soothing high.

A serving of this marijuana tea mix offers up 150mg per package. You might want to go slowly and save some- even just a third of the dosage can result in a strong high. You can mix in sugar, milk, and whatever else you’d like to spice things up..

Twisted Extracts Jelly Bombs

These Twisted Extracts Jelly Bombs come in many different types. Not only do you have flavors like orange, mango, green apple, and pineapple to choose from, but they also come in THC, CBD, and 1:1 THC to CBD options.

The Sativa THC Jelly Bombs will give you some potent mentally-stimulating effects. You’ll feel mentally uplifted and motivated while also feeling physically soothed and relaxed. The CBD Jelly Bombs are great for potent medical effects, such as anxiety and pain relief, without making you high.

For the best of both worlds, 1:1 Jelly Bombs give you a good dose of both THC and CBD. Each packet comes with 80mg of THC/CBD in total, split into 10 servings, so you can control your dosage for your ideal high.

Mota Hard Candies

If you want some alternative marijuana candies to the regular fruit gummies, these Mota Hard Candies are a great choice. You can choose between delicious flavors such as Cherry, Lemon, Root Beer, and even Dweebs.

The real selling point is each pack comes with a whopping 125mg of THC. These are split into smaller servings so it’s easy to control your dosage. They’re also super cheap, so you can get as many as you want and enjoy them over and over again.

The cannabis-infused candies will give you a sensational high. Expect intense physical tranquilization paired with a fun mental boost.

Cannabis Edibles

Mota Cannabis Chocolate Edibles

If chocolates are more your style, we’ve still got you covered. Mota Cannabis Chocolates are small and tasty chocolate treats packed full of THC. In fact, one chocolate bar has 300mg of THC! Make sure you split this up- beginners should be fine with 10mg whereas more experienced users can benefit from around 30mg.

These also come as CBD Lemon-Cran Bites or THC-infused Peanut Butter Squares. Each is another fun option to either get some serious medical relief or just get very, very high.

They’re some of the most potent edibles online. And, despite the high levels of THC, you can easily split them up into smaller doses.


These are some of the most potent edibles online, and they’re all available for online purchase. There are also plenty of other edibles to buy online or you could try out some premium cannabis strains, concentrates, and other products. All of these are available to order online for delivery across Canada, giving you tons of options for a powerful and enjoyable marijuana experience.

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38 thoughts on “7 Most Potent Edibles Online

  1. e
    erinelizabethmanning865 years ago

    The tea sounds very interesting and I think I’ll give it a try. Love tea also just bought the Moro hard candy so it was a good read to have a breakdown

  2. d
    deltabravo5 years ago

    I recently decarbed some live resin as the terpins were intolerable. I mixed it with 1/2 cup cooking oil and added it to a cupcake mix…heaven on earth.

  3. a
    albert5 years ago

    I haven’t tried distillate as I fear its meant to be vaped! I got a lot of RSO for my mother’s recovery from surgery for uterine cancer. She was extremely worried that it may come back. This made me get from BudMail another type of RSO with a much cleaner looking oil (yellow instead of black). I got that afer 1/2 way into the syringe it comes in, my mother didn’t report feeling anything from the new one. Of course I contacted them & was told that it would have been active orally if I had heated it – I fear distillate is not for oral consumption, rather its for vaping – hopefully someone will prove me wrong, please feel free to correct me if you know its okay orally.

    I take edibles for the health bennefits, aside from their medical effects so I can’t stand to see candy (full of sugar)/s) though I’ve had Faded edibles along with Infused Gummies & honestly they work for medical effects but they aren’t my cup of tea.
    I preffer the Tinctures mostly, or infused olive oil and/or infused coconut oil. I’ve tried tinctures from Mota, Purely Medicinal and Miss Envy. Miss Envy is quite expensive & only slightly better than Mota’a tinctures and/or sublingual spray. With Mota I always go for the Indica, I find it does both body & mind while Sativa is too much in the head without any body. Purely Medicinal just had a lot of RSO, not much else.

  4. j
    johny doper5 years ago

    In my younger days we would make coffee with a gram of hash. It was expensive but you had fantastic trip. Baudelaire, Maupassant and other prominent french writers of the 19th century used to get together and eat hashish.

    • a
      albert5 years ago

      p.s. Dear johnydoper, eating hash is the same as eating cannabis! In order words you will not receive any type of psychotropic effect from eating unprepared un-activated./un-decarboxylated hash. Trust me I am a huge hash afficianando & each time I would check my imports I would salivate over how nice it smelled and I always think of eating some (since I too have heard stories of hash being active when eaten though it never worked.) Save it for a smoke!