Best Provinces in Canada for Weed

Best Canada Provinces Weed

Provinces in Canada, Canada’s recent legalization means that adults can now enjoy weed all over the country. In addition to various government and private stores opening up, you can also buy weed online for delivery no matter where you are. But whether you’re a resident or thinking of taking a trip, you might want to check out some of the best provinces in Canada for weed.

Some of these provinces offer a variety of cheap weed, some offer cannabis tours and cafes, some just make it easy for everyone to enjoy weed. Whichever way, all of these are worth visiting for any marijuana lover.

1. Alberta

When it comes to marijuana-friendly provinces, it’s hard to beat Alberta. It’s one of only two provinces, along with Quebec, to make it legal for 18-year-olds to buy and use marijuana. But unlike Quebec, you can also grow your own marijuana from 18 years of age and upwards, making it the most lenient province in terms of marijuana laws.

If that wasn’t enough, it’s also quickly storming into first place for ease of purchase. With nearly 70 licensed retailers in month one and many more to come, Albertans will find it easy to get their hands on legal pot. It’s expected to have 250 recreational retailers in a year so the marijuana market here will continue to grow.

The province also has a buzzing 420 culture, especially in cities like Calgary and Edmonton. Although cannabis lounges aren’t currently legal, they could be by October 2019. Overall, it’s one of the most accepting provinces for weed and a perfect place to either start a marijuana business or join in the fun and smoke it.

2. Ontario

With major cities like Toronto and Ottawa and a long-running marijuana industry, it stands to reason Ontario would be one of the best provinces in Canada for weed. The legal age to smoke cannabis in Ontario is 19, and you can also grow your own marijuana either indoors or outdoors.

With recreational stores put on hold until 2019, the province may feel a little dry right now. However, users can easily buy marijuana online for delivery. According to stats the province has 59 licensed producers and plans to open 40 licensed retailers within the year.

Weed smokers won’t feel out of place in Ontario’s top cities. Even before recreational legalization, the cannabis market was so widespread in Toronto that the government is now playing catch-up and shutting down unlicensed dispensaries. Toronto also allows medical users to vape marijuana in public. You can also find cannabis-themed tours in places like Toronto and Ottawa.

Smoking Weed in Public

3. Quebec

Quebec is the only province aside from Alberta that sets the legal age for pot possession at 18. While users can’t grow their own marijuana, they’ll have no problem buying it and using it. Quebec also plays home to some of the most 420-friendly cities.

Montreal has played host to some major cannabis events. The Montreal Cannabis Expo recently made its debut this October. It also had its first legal pot festival this summer, the Pot Fest Montreal. There’s also an annual Montreal Cannabis Cup, where the best marijuana strains get judged. Suffice it to say, marijuana users will feel right at home here.

Of course, there’s more to Quebec than just Montreal, and cities like Quebec City and Gatineau are also very welcoming. There are many stores currently open and the government plan to make around 150 licensed-marijuana stores available across the province within the next couple of years. Of course, citizens can also have their weed delivered if they buy online.

4. Nova Scotia

Over on the east coast, Nova Scotia has a lot of perks for marijuana lovers. Adults 19 years of age or older can buy, use, and also grow marijuana. Pot prices start at $6.33 per gram, and Nova Scotia is the only province which sells cannabis and liquor in the same stores. Users can buy in the 12 licensed marijuana stores or get their weed online.

The province also has a great cannabis culture. According to StatCan, Nova Scotia marijuana users consume more cannabis than anywhere else in Canada. The province also plays host to the Peace East 420 Festival.

Halifax is the highlight, but you can also find cannabis stores in places like Amherst, Dartmouth, New Glasgow, Sydney River, and Yarmouth. You can also enjoy some of Canada’s best coastal towns in this scenic province.

5. British Columbia

The recreational marijuana industry hasn’t exactly gotten off to a flying start in BC. Despite over a hundred applications for private marijuana stores, only one recreational store opened in British Columbia in October in Kamloops of all places. Online sales are available, but it may not be until 2019 that many users have access to licensed marijuana stores.

Despite that, the province is renowned for having a strong pot culture. Even pre-legalization, Vancouver played host to many dispensaries and even cannabis cafes and lounges. Capital city Victoria is also known for having a thriving pot scene. Even back in 2015, the Victoria government opted to regulate dispensaries instead of cracking down on them.

BC has a perfect mix between bustling cities with great nightlife and beautiful nature, making it a very scenic place when you’re high. Current laws allow adults 19 years or older to buy and use marijuana. You can also grow your own and you can smoke out in the open providing you’re not in a tobacco-free zone, so residents and tourists have the chance to take in some BC nature and light up.


The recreational marijuana market is growing fast in Canada, and these marijuana-friendly provinces will likely be even more fun for weed lovers in the future. More stores are set to open throughout the year, and we may even see more licensed cannabis lounges and cafes by 2019.

Residents in these provinces can enjoy marijuana at their leisure. And even if you’re a tourist, any of these spots will make for a great trip. Providing you’re over 19 (or 18 in Alberta in Quebec) and have a valid form of ID, you can sample some of the finest Canadian weed.

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