First Time Eating Weed Edibles? Start Here

Weed edibles are an excellent alternative for those curious about cannabis’ effects but wary of smoking it for the first time. With recreational marijuana usage legal in most states, weed edibles have never been more popular. This article has everything a newbie needs to know about edible weed. Keep reading to learn more.

What are weed edibles?

Anything that may be consumed orally and is cannabis-infused is considered a weed edible.

Generally, weed edibles may come in many forms, including gummies, brownies, cookies, hard candies, mints, beverages, capsules, and dissolvable tablets. It can be fun to explore all these edible cannabis products in TREhouse, but weed edibles can also be dangerous because their effects are different for everyone.

What weed edible should you try first?

Products like marijuana edibles have become increasingly popular recently. They are available in various forms, including homemade edibles like pot brownies, baked goods like cookies, butterscotch candies, gummies, candy, and even non-food items like tinctures and THC pills. 

However, it is ultimately up to the user to decide which edible is best for them, as there are no differences between types. But a gummy edible from CBDistillery may be the best choice for a first-time user, as many people use daily gummy vitamins or supplements.

Should you consume cannabis with a strong dose?

high dose edible

Are you trying to unwind? Sleep soundly? Feel more stimulated, energized, or ecstatic? Knowing your objective will make selecting the right dose much easier.

You can estimate how specific ingestible cannabis products would impact you more accurately by looking at the THC content and the ratios of other cannabinoids. Therefore, take some time to think about what you want from your high rather than concentrating on heavy consumption.

Your tolerance and body mass will affect how your body responds to how much THC you have in your system. Considering that 10 mg is the recommended dose for an adult, those who aren’t regular cannabis consumers should start low and take it slowly not to overwhelm their senses.

Do cannabis edibles have the same effect as inhaling cannabis?

Both edibles and marijuana products have psychedelic effects, and both may give symptoms when too much is consumed. The length of the effects’ onset and duration are the key distinctions between smoking and ingestible.

When cannabis flower is heated for use in a cigarette, pipe, or bong, over 60% of the psychoactive compound is destroyed. But when you eat weed edibles, THC is first broken down and absorbed by the liver before entering the circulation and brain. 

An edible experience is mostly influenced by three things, how your liver handles drugs, if you’ve had a meal in addition to THC, and your sensitivity to THC’s psychedelic effects.

The advantage of eating edibles is that you won’t be exposed to the cancer-causing toxins created by smoking plant material. With other drugs, it’s much simpler to overindulge and have a terrible outcome. Your daily schedule and way of life will determine which option you select because the benefits of edibles stay far longer.

Can marijuana edibles affect my mental health?

Different factors lead people to eat a marijuana edible. They occasionally utilize it to treat emotional or physical issues. It is even encouraged for medical use. Certain illnesses are improved with medical cannabis as medications, of course, with an ideal dose. This is referred to as self-medication. You could feel better right away as a result of this. 

However, over time, weed may create serious issues or bring about new ones, such as anxiety, depression, and other psychological problems.

When weed is smoked, it enters the bloodstream. Cannabinoids will immediately reach your mind and adhere to sensors. Your emotions and behavior will be impacted by this. If you have a history of psychosis in your family, it’s essential to know that taking too many cannabinoids in your system can contribute to worsening your mental health. 

Weed edibles can have both pleasant and negative side effects. The majority of symptoms typically last for several hours. However, there may be unfavorable long-term consequences. By taking it slow and starting low with doses, you can minimize this risk.

Is it possible to overdose on edibles?

weed thc edibles

Unlike other substances like alcohol, marijuana has no lethal dose. The worst that can happen is you develop anxiety and start sleeping more than usual.

Normal signs of milder overdosing include vomiting, anxiousness, tiredness, disorientation, and psychosis. THC overdose symptoms include cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (CHS) and marijuana-induced psychosis, known as “greening out.”

Here are some tips for making your weed-edible experience positive and memorable.

1. Find Out If Edibles Are Right For You

A weed edible may help treat certain medical conditions, but this does not mean they are appropriate for everyone. So, as a first step, you should consider your goals for using cannabis-infused products. Since weed can interfere with other medications, you should consult a physician or an expert in the field to help you figure out if consuming an edible is safe.

2. Patience is Key

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Taking edibles results in a powerful high. The effects might appear in as little as 10 minutes or over many hours, so experts advise starting with a low dose and exercising patience. Additionally, you can try smaller stuff like candy instead of consuming whole brownies or pastries. You have more influence over the experience with these substitutes.

3. Check the Label And Know Your Dosage

It is important to note that edible cannabis products vary significantly in their ingredients, including THC and CBD. To avoid consuming too much edible cannabis, always check the label and follow the standard dose.

But if there is no information on dosage, start with 2.5 mg of THC and wait until you experience its effects before increasing the dose. It may be best to research how these effects vary depending on how they affect your brain and body. 

Some edibles may also contain substances that could trigger allergic reactions or have a short shelf life, so be aware of these potential risks. Start with a low dose to condition yourself if it’s your first time.

4. Drink Plenty of Water

An undesirable symptom of cannabis use is “dry mouth.” A dry mouth can be alleviated by drinking water, which will also help you maintain optimal hydration levels.

Drinking water has reportedly assisted some people in recovering from unpleasant experiences. Overall digesting does go more quickly while drinking water. Everyone needs to stay hydrated, regardless of whether they take cannabis-related products.

5. Don’t Consume One on an Empty Stomach

It’s best to have a meal before ingesting edibles, and that goes without saying, even if you’re drinking plenty of water beforehand. While edibles work well on an empty stomach, some people may experience stomach pain or excessive euphoria.

Eating before ingesting weed helps maintain the impacts more constant and steady, similar to ingesting alcohol or caffeine. You may absorb the edibles more slowly and are less likely to abruptly suffer negative side effects when you have a full stomach. Before enjoying an edible, consuming any food products in moderation might also help you avoid cravings later.

6. Take it at Night

edible weed for sleeping

Weed often makes people feel relaxed and sleepy. And if this is your first time, you might feel the effects immediately. So, when trying an edible for the first time, it’s best to do so in the evening. 

Because if you take it during the day, you might fall asleep in the middle of the day. But if you take it at night, you can have a good night’s sleep without interfering with your daytime activities.

7. Wait Two Hours Between Doses

Edibles may take up to two hours to start working. If you usually smoke or vape cannabis, this might be hard. After taking the first dose, you may feel bored or frustrated, leading you to take more. And when the effects of the two doses start to kick in, you will feel completely overwhelmed.

As a golden rule, starting off gradually and with a low dose is wise, then waiting at least two hours before taking any more doses. This will help you avoid any further implications.

8. Do Not Combine With Alcohol or Other Substances

If you consume weed edibles with alcohol, you significantly increase your chances of becoming severely intoxicated and impaired. This may cause unpleasant side effects like paranoia, agitation, and nausea. Don’t mix cannabis edibles with alcohol or other substances to lessen the likelihood of these harmful effects. Doing so can have devastating health effects.

9. Take a Friend With You

Having a sober companion with you when taking a drug for the first time is a good idea. If you’re away from home, they can keep an eye on you and make sure you’re safe. So, call a friend over when you take a cannabis-infused product from Diet Smoke since the effects of ingesting too many weed edibles could be harmful if experienced alone.


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Even though consuming weed edibles may be a fun experience, you should be careful with these products because their effects may vary from person to person. For more information on weed edibles, visit Green Society.

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