Edibles Vs Smoking Weed

There are various cannabis products in the market. Choosing the perfect one can be a hassle without prior knowledge. This article will tackle the two main consumable cannabis products available across platforms. Bonus tip; there are added helpful points along. Consider this for your next purchase.

Edible Cannabis

Gummy edibles

Edible cannabis is any food item infused with edible fungi, edible leaves, and weed flowers. Marijuana edibles are designed in comestible forms and dosages. The most common CBD edibles in the market are candies, gummies, and drinks.

Faded Cannabis Co, Candy land, and Barney’s Farm are the top brands that utilize the human consumption of marijuana. They offer gummies, edible leaves, and even chocolates. Most marijuana edible have Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) between 18 to 25%. Therefore, this food can preserve lasting intoxication.

Smoking Weed

Roll of weed

Smoking or vaping is the accustomed practice of consuming cannabis. Traditionally, users wrap weeds with rolling papers and then lit. Joints, bluff, and spliffs are popular weed-inhaling practices.

Nowadays, people have a variety of choices in inhaling pots. Different brands present unique wrapper variations. Consumers can select flavors, control tobacco amounts, and regulate its smell.

Inhaling versus Ingesting

Human consumption of cannabis can be situated through inhaling and ingesting. Although these both featured the same product, edibles and smoking, weeds have major differences, particularly in intoxication effect and process. This will be discussed more in the next portion.

Comparison of Marijuana’s Effectivity

Marijuana Fractal

Inhaling and ingesting marijuana undergo several processes before taking its effect on the user’s body. However, these both have the same destination — the brain.

Weed Vaping

Weed vaping begins as the smoke delivers THC to the lungs. It passes to the bloodstream and then the brain. That’s why the intoxication process acts immediately.

Inhaling weeds allow users to savor its effects within a few seconds to minutes. Its full effect will start its peak within half an hour. After vaping intake, it normally lasts up to 6 hours. Some leftover effects can precede 24 hours.

Weed Ingesting

On the contrary, weed ingesting has a longer process than vaping. As the user eat the food item, it goes to the stomach and liver. Afterward, it is forwarded to the liver, transforming THC into a tougher form. Soon, the liver will deliver these to the bloodstream and brain.

Users can savor its effect from 30 minutes to 2 hours of eating. Its full blooming effect will set within 4 hours. The entire intoxication outturn can last up to 12 hours. Some remaining effects can persist for 24 hours.

Helpful Tips to Reduce Risk

Kush on Glass

These helpful tips can reduce potential health risks. They are applicable whether you opt for vaping or ingesting marijuana.

Consume at Low Level (For Beginners)

For starters, edible weed should ideally fall between 2.5 mg tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or lower. In this way, consumers can undergo better consumption. Their bodies can naturally adjust to the intoxicating effects of weeds. Additionally, it can prevent complications in higher dosages.

Slow Vaping

Slow vaping is advised to avoid over-intoxication. According to Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction, a higher intake of THC or eating too many weed edibles within 4 hours can lead to intoxication. Keep in mind that weed’s full effects can fluctuate depending on the user’s body consumption process.

Check the Labels

All weed vaping and edible products have labeled properties, specifically those from a popular dispensary. Through this, consumers can assess the level of CBD and THC products. It is a necessary step, especially for starters.

Avoid Mixing Marijuana with Other Substances

Weed products alone have higher potency of elation. Mixing cannabis with alcohol and other substances can result in impairment and intoxication. It is recommended to consult health specialists about the appropriate dosage and usage.


 Shot of Dried Leaves

Everyone has the freedom to attain euphoria. Considering inhaling or ingesting marijuana is a great way to celebrate oneself. At Green Society, we provide the best quality weed products, from rolling papers to flavorful edibles. Users have the widest options from trusted brands at their convenience.

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