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4 Best THC Edible Products 2022

THC Edible products

Marijuana edibles are the most effective method of obtaining the long-lasting effects of THC use. THC edible products are preferable to smoking cannabis since they may be ingested and turned into THC by the body. Cannabis-infused foods are great for new and seasoned cannabis users because of their exquisite tastes, discretion, and wide variety of […]

How To Keep Your Weed Fresh: Packs To Keep Your Weed Fresh

fresh jar weed

Cannabis is a great way to enjoy recreational and medicinal use and to get the best out of it. You would need to get packs to keep your weed fresh. However, keeping weed fresh requires specific precautions. Otherwise, weed can lose its potency and flavor. With proper care, cannabis products can be safe from mold […]

How To Recover From A Weed Hangover

Image Source Alt text: Taking cannabis can cause you a hangover There have been debates on the existence of Marijuana hangovers and how to recover from weed hangover, but to some smokers, they are most likely real. Regarding symptoms, the morning-after effects of smoking Marijuana are distinct from alcohol hangovers. You may get a hangover […]

What is CBD and What are CBD Benefits?

Image source Alt text: Benefits of CBD to your body Cannabinoid, or CBD as it’s more often known, is a chemical compound discovered in hemp and cannabis plants. You can now get CBD oil in various capsules, vape oil bases, tinctures, edibles, and cosmetics like bath bombs and lotions. Unlike its more famous relative, THC, […]

How To Get Unhigh Over The Effects Of Weed Fast

More people are smoking cannabis because of the ever-shifting legal landscape and would be needing a guide on how to get unhigh. This may seem modest if you often use stimulants like methamphetamine, cocaine, or heroin. Learn more about the effects of weed and how to get over it fast using the information provided in […]

Joints, blunts and spliffs: what are the differences, pros and cons?

If you’re a less casual or new user of weed, you might have heard the terms joint, blunt and spliff by other users of weed. You’ll often hear cannabis smokers ask if you’d like to go smoke a blunt. Or, a joint. Heck, you might have even said this yourself! But did you know that […]

May the 4th Be With You!

Celebrate Star Wars with these Galactic Strains! What’s Significant About May the 4th?  The date of May the 4th is a pun that rings quite close to one of the most memorable movie lines ever uttered in the history of film. Any fans of Star Wars can expect punny jokes and celebration of the space […]

Weed Throughout History and the World

In honour of this year’s upcoming 4/20 as well as Canada’s fourth celebration of the spectacular holiday after the decriminalization of marijuana in the nation back in October of 2018, we’ll be dedicating this post to looking at a brief history of weed and its origins! It is generally and commonly known that weed has […]

The Most Arousing Weed Strains to Use in the Bedroom!

Arousing Strains

Just because Valentine’s season is over, it doesn’t mean you can’t get your freak on! Marijuana is known to make any social situation better. Any day, any time, any place–and that includes the bedroom if you’ve found the perfect arousing strains! Wanting to set the right mood? Weed can be mentally stimulating as well as […]