First Time Smoking Cannabis: 10 Tips to Keep in Mind

First Time Smoking Cannabis: 10 Tips to Keep in Mind

If you’ve never tried cannabis before, planning your first time smoking can be overwhelming. Check out this guide to get the introduction you need.

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Do you live in an area that legalized recreational marijuana? You may notice that your friends get excited to smoke on the weekends now.

You may hear about their crazy shenanigans and stories that happened while they were high. If you want to join in, though, you may feel a little self-conscious if you’re a newbie.

The good news is that it’s easy to learn. But there are some tips that can help you get high like a pro when it’s your first time smoking.

Do you want to know more? Keep reading for our 10 cannabis tips for the smoking novice.

1. Choose Your Surroundings Wisely

It’s important to remember that cannabis can affect your judgment-making skills. And until you know how it’ll affect you, it’s important to choose your surroundings wisely.

For the most part, this means choosing your smoking buddies carefully. Don’t smoke with people you don’t know well or with people you view as sketchy – you don’t know if they’ve laced it with something else. So, always smoke with people you trust.

2. Don’t Expect the Perfect High

You’ve probably heard your friends talk about how amazing it is to be stoned. If you have high (excuse the pun) expectations, you may end up disappointed.

The truth is, not everyone gets high during their first time smoking weed. Some believe this is because your body doesn’t know how to react yet, and others think it’s because first-timers don’t always smoke right.

But, whatever the reason, don’t expect that perfect high right away.

3. Inhale It

One way to help boost your chances of getting high on your first time is to make sure you’re using it correctly. When smoking weed, you want to inhale it gently and slowly fill your lungs before exhaling.

4. Start with a Bowl or Joint

One of the best parts of being a weed connoisseur is that there are so many different ways to smoke it. While many people have a favorite method, switching things up ensures you smoke sessions will always be a blast.

But, first-time smokers should be careful with how they smoke. Bowls and joints are excellent methods to start with, as they give you a nice high without going overboard. The bongs and dabs may look fun, but save those for later.

5. Check the Bowl

If you use a bowl for your first time smoking, you’ll want to be sure to check it both before and after taking a hit.

The last thing you want to do is take a hit from a cashed bowl (a bowl with no smokable bud in it) and get a lung full of ash. So, make sure you can see a little green before you light it up.

Similarly, you’ll want to take a quick glance as you’re taking a hit or right after. If you think the bowl is cashed, don’t just pass it on without saying anything. Instead, give them a heads up that it may need more bud.

6. Don’t Be Afraid to Pass

Alright, so we already covered that not everyone gets high when smoking pot for the first time. But, that doesn’t mean you won’t get high.

Pay attention to your body and how it feels after each hit. The goal isn’t to go overboard when smoking – it’s to smoke enough to get a good high. If you begin to feel high, don’t be afraid to pass when it’s your turn to take a hit.

7. Bring a Water Bottle

While feeling high can be amazing, many new (and experienced) smokers can feel a burning sensation in their throat. This can be due to a variety of factors, including the type of bud smoked and how big a hit was taken.

Chances are, you’ll experience this burning sensation along with some coughing since your throat isn’t used to cannabis yet. If you know you’re going to smoke, bring a water bottle to help soothe your throat and avoid cottonmouth.

8. Eat Half an Edible

Alright, so we covered how to properly smoke marijuana, but what about eating it? Edibles are another common way of getting high that you may encounter.

“How hard can edibles be – I just eat them, right?” Well, yes – edibles seem easier because we all know how to eat a cookie or brownie. But, you’ll want to be careful about how much you eat.

Edibles don’t give you an instant high like smoking does. Start with half an edible if it’s your first time and wait 30 to 90 minutes. If you still don’t feel much after an hour and a half, it’s probably safe to eat the second half of that edible.

9. Be Prepared to Snack

Of course, smoking tips go further than just how to get stoned. You should also be prepared for what to expect once you’re high.

Most people get the munchies – wanting to eat when high. Since weed can still affect your reflexes and decision-making, it’s not safe to drive while high. If you know you’re going to smoke, have snacks ready or do it before your local takeout places stop delivering.

10. Know You’ll Probably Get Sleepy

Do you have this image of getting stoned and turning up all night? Well, get that idea out of your head. Pot has a tendency to make people really tired.

This is another reason you don’t want to smoke around strangers. Smoking around friends means you’re probably okay to crash on the couch safely after your first experience smoking pot.

Tips for Your First Time Smoking

If you feel left out when all your friends go to smoke, you may want to join in on the fun. Just follow our tips for your first time smoking to stay safe and make the most out of your experience.

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