How to Make Marijuana Edibles Hit Faster?

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Ever wonder how you can make cannabis edibles hit faster while staying on the “safe zone” without over consumption? Contrary to smoking, consuming cannabis-infused food and drinks may take up to two hours to hit. And if you’re someone who has zero patience, this might not be a good idea. Also, making cannabis edibles hit faster will prepare you for what’s coming instead of getting caught off guard when it hits you in public or worse — at a social event! Before you buy edibles online in Canada, make sure that you know which cannabis-infused products are suitable for your needs and tolerance.  

What are Cannabis Edibles?

Cannabis edibles are another way of consuming THC. They are great for a discreet and fun consumption, for those who don’t want to deal with the intense smoke from rolling a joint or a bong hit. They also come in different forms such as baked goods, beverages, candies, chocolates, and tinctures. Cannabis edibles are incredibly potent. Some have a higher CBD content, while some also have a higher THC content. Choosing the right balance is dependent on the consumer. These edibles are mostly consumed for medication purposes, alleviating chronic pain, anxiety, nausea, depression, and appetite loss.  

Difference between Eating and Smoking Cannabis

While others are careful of not inhaling smoke from a joint, others are comfortable with it. Smoking marijuana also comes with different limitations like not being able to smoke in public or not being able to hide cannabis use from other people. Smoking cannabis also gives users an instantaneous effect because smoke travels through the bloodstream. On the contrary, ingesting cannabis edibles will take somewhere between 30 minutes to two hours for the effects to kick in. In terms of effects, ingesting cannabis will have a long-lasting impact compared to smoking. Chocolate Edibles at Green Society

Tips to Make Edibles Hit Faster

When buying edibles online in Canada, choose from a trusted source, so you know you’re getting every bang for your buck. If you’re buying edibles for recreational purposes, taking it ahead of time is advised if you want to enjoy the effects while attending social gatherings. If you’re taking edibles for medicinal purposes, you may have to wait a couple of hours to feel the relief. However, I’ve rounded up some tips to make cannabis edibles hit faster.  

Use Tinctures

Tinctures are cannabis-infused products which can be taken orally as an additive or through sublingual administration. The latter is proven to expedite the THC absorption and hit faster. When you take edibles, it will take time as it has to go through your digestive system before you can feel its full effect. However, this type of consumption will also fade away quickly. Here are three main reasons why tinctures hit faster than other edibles:
  • Tinctures have better bio availability. A fatty meal also increases THC absorption regardless of what form you take.
  • Tinctures absorb THC faster. When dealing with cannabis edibles, the THC usually dissolves in your gastric fluid before absorption. And since tinctures already contain THC, then this allows for the THC to absorb much quicker.
  • You get more absorption consistency on every use. When consuming edibles regularly, sometimes the person’s tolerance can increase, lessening and slowing the effect in the long run. Tinctures, when taken through sublingual administration, have a higher absorption consistency even for a chronic user.

Try Cannabis Liquids

Cannabis liquids or beverages are a tasty and discreet way to consume cannabis too. While cannabis-infused solids might travel through the gut a bit slower, cannabis drinks, on the other hand, make this process faster. Also, drinking your cannabis liquids or mix can be paired with milk, dairies, or fats so that they bind with the THC, activating the THC to its maximum potential.  

Consume on an Empty Stomach

Since edibles would have to travel through your intestines, stomach, liver, and throughout the entire digestive system, consuming them on an empty stomach will make a huge difference. When you have an empty stomach, your digestive system will not have any other food or drink to digest apart from the cannabis edible. When consuming cannabis edibles on an empty stomach, the effect is instant and might be overwhelming for first-timers or beginners. So it’s imperative that you start with a low dose and add gradually if necessary.  

Boost Your Metabolism

Since cannabis edibles would have to depend on your digestive system to process, spiking up your metabolism will make the process faster. Aside from drinking metabolism-boosting drinks like green tea, coffee, black tea, water, apple cider vinegar, ginger tea, high-protein beverages, and vegetable juice, here are other simple ways you can do to boost your metabolism:
  • Eat plenty of protein on every meal
  • Drink more cold water
  • Regularly do a high-impact workout
  • Lift heavy things daily
  • Stand up more often
  • Eat spicy foodBuy Twisted Extracts Indica Cara-Melts at Green Society
  • Make sure to get enough rest and slumber
  • Use coconut oil instead of other cooking fats

What to Consider Before Buying Edibles Online in Canada

Whether you’re consuming edibles for recreational or medicinal purposes, it’s important to check these three things before you buy edibles from online dispensaries in Canada: Packaging and complete labeling information Lab tested for purity THC and CBD potency  

What to do if the High is Too Much

Considering that cannabis edibles are very potent, some people might not be too comfortable with the effects. In case this happens, here are some tips and tricks on how you can keep the high a notch lower:
  • Never panic. No one ever got overdosed with cannabis, so you are fine.
  • Drink more water. This is especially useful to combat the “cottonmouth” effect from some edibles.
  • Try eating some light snacks. Some people munch on a few light snacks such as cheese, nuts, or fruits.
  • If you experience some anxiety and paranoia from cannabis edibles, try the pepper trick. Just grab a couple of fresh black peppercorns and sniff. It should give you an excellent relief.
  • Take a rest and breathe deeply. Sometimes, your mind will play tricks on you. To keep thinking clearly, find a quiet place and rest. Ensure that you’re breathing properly and sleep if you must.
  • Take a shower to help you relax.
  • Distract yourself by watching a movie, reading a book, talking to friends, listening to music, or taking a walk.

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