How to Roll a Joint: A Step-by-Step Guide

Roll a Joint

Any adult in Canada can now get their hands on premium, legal marijuana. Whether you prefer the sensational mental stimulation brought on by sativa strains, the deeply relaxing effects of indica strains or a mix of both with balanced hybrid strains, you can enjoy marijuana as much as you want providing you’re of legal age in your province. But how about using it? While there are plenty of options from using a bong to vaping, it helps to know how to roll a joint.

Rolling a good joint is an exceptionally practical skill that every stoner should learn. All you need is some rolling papers and a lighter and you can easily make a weed rollup that you can smoke on your own or with friends. If you learn how to do it, it won’t take more than a couple of minutes and you can enjoy your marijuana whenever you want. However, it does take a little practice.

Once you’re used to rolling joints, you can even get more creative. Some users mix tobacco with weed to make a spliff or add some potent cannabis concentrates to their joint for more powerful effects. You can also learn how to pack a blunt or even make advanced joints such as a double-cross joint. But before any of that, it’s easy for any beginner to learn how to roll a basic joint. Here’s a step-by-step guide.

What is a Joint?

When it comes to smoking weed, one of the most popular methods is to roll a joint. Although you can now buy pre-rolled joints, buying marijuana in higher quantities generally requires you to roll it up yourself. A joint is a kind of marijuana cigarette which contains nothing but pure weed, making it strong and effective.

You might know joints by several names. Some people call it a jay, a doobie or even just a rollup. Whichever way, rolling a joint is a simple and effective way to enjoy marijuana. You’ll need a few pieces of basic equipment, but you can carry the things you need anywhere and roll a joint whenever you need it- whether you’re at home or with friends.

While experienced users can roll all kinds of crazy joints, any beginner can learn to roll a simple joint of weed. It might take a few rolls to get it right the first time, but once you get the hang of it, rolling a joint becomes second nature.

What is a Joint

Why Should You Learn to Roll a Joint?

There are so many ways to enjoy marijuana these days, many of which don’t require any effort on your part. So why should you learn to roll a joint? These days, it isn’t exactly necessary, but joints are still one of the most popular and fun ways to enjoy marijuana and there are a few good reasons to learn.

For one, rolling a joint is a great way to use your weed whenever you need it. Most smoke shops and even corner stores sell rolling papers and lighters, plus most stoners have their own tools for rolling the perfect joint. It’s a quick and convenient way to make a rollup that you can smoke straight away, plus it’ll make you high nice and fast.

Joints are particularly good for social smoking. When you’re out with friends and want to smoke, you can roll a joint and share it until it’s gone. Even if you’re smoking by yourself, it’s easy to keep a joint burning and take as many or as little puffs as you need. If you’ve had enough, you can put it out and save the rest for later. Although there are other options, such as using a bong or pipe, rolling a joint is still a cheap, easy, and effective way to enjoy smoking weed.

What You Need To Roll a Joint

Before you roll a joint, you’ll need a few basic pieces of equipment. Fortunately, everything you need to roll your weed is cheap and easy to find in many stores. You don’t necessarily need to go to a legal cannabis store to get what you need- things like rolling papers and lighters are sold in most corner stores. You can also get quality rolling equipment from any smoke shop or head shop or even buy smoking accessories online.

First off, you need rolling papers. These are the papers you use to roll up your weed and create a joint. There are many kinds of rolling papers available on the market. You can use the same rolling papers used for rolling cigarettes, but there are also unique papers designed for marijuana. You can also find flavored rolling papers such as Juicy Jays to add a little extra flavor to your joint.

Of course, you’ll also need something to light your joint. Lighters are cheap and available everywhere, so it’s best to carry one with you. You can also use matches, although these are likely to run out quicker.

Another practical piece of equipment you should use is a grinder. These handy little tools are used for cutting your weed into small, fine pieces. Ground-up weed is much better for rolling. It’ll stop your joint from becoming lumpy, plus it’ll burn much easier. While you can break your weed apart by hand or use scissors, a grinder only costs a few dollars and is incredibly useful for any stoner.

You might also want to buy filters. A filter is also known as a crunch, tip or roach. It’s the part at the mouthpiece of your joint which you smoke through which prevents you from getting a mouth full of weed. You can buy high-quality filters, but even if you don’t have one, it’s easy to make from a piece of paper or card- even by simply breaking some off of your packet of rolling papers.

What You Need To Roll a Joint

Grinding Your Weed

Before you roll your weed into a joint, it’s best to grind it first. Using larger buds of weed will result in your joint being uneven and lumpy- you might not even be able to roll it at all. Grinding your weed gives you fine, small pieces of marijuana which are extra easy to roll and burn.

The best way to grind your weed is with a weed grinder. Open the top part of your grinder, put your weed between the teeth, close it, and twist to grind your weed. You can grind it as finely as you want- generally, the smaller the herbs, the better.

There are multiple kinds of grinders. A simple two-piece grinder is the most popular- all you do is put your weed between the two halves, grind, and empty it. However, you can also get three-piece grinders which have an extra chamber for your weed to fall into. You can even get four-piece grinders which have an extra chamber to collect the kief from your weed.

If you don’t have a grinder, there are other ways to grind your weed. For instance, you can use your hands to break it up into a joint or use scissors or a knife. Even some household tools such as a coffee grinder or a pestle and mortar can help. However, using a weed grinder is the best option. They’re easy to find and only cost a few dollars. You can even buy a porta-grinder online.

How to Roll a Joint

After you grind up your weed and have your rolling accessories ready, it’s time to roll a joint. Rolling a joint only takes a minute or two and, while you may struggle the first couple of times, it’s easy to do once you get the hang of it.

Step 1: Before you roll your joint, it’s best to make a filter first. You can make a filter with any piece of thick paper or thin cardboard that’s around a centimeter wide. First, bend the edge of your filter a couple of times to make a zig-zag shape. Now, roll the rest of the paper around it to create a tight, cylindrical filter. Your filter will help keep the shape of your joint when you roll it.

Step 2: Take out a rolling paper and put the filter at the end. Fill the rest with your ground weed (around 0.5-1g), pick up the paper between your fingers, and rock it back and forth to spread the weed evenly. Keep your joint cylindrical by pinching it around your filter.

Step 3: Now, you want to roll one end of your rolling paper over the other. Do this carefully to keep all of the weed in place, and use your filter to keep it in the right shape. Once you’ve wrapped your joint successfully, lick the edge to stick it together.

Step 4: Use the end of a closed pen or something else as a packing tool to push your weed down from the top. Now, pinch and twist the top of your joint to keep it all packed inside. Your joint should look somewhat like a cigarette which gets thicker towards the top. You now have a joint that’s ready to smoke!

How to Smoke a Joint

How to Smoke a Joint

Once you’ve gone through the effort of rolling your joint, it’s now time to enjoy your creation. Smoking a joint is easy- all you need is a lighter. Light the tip of your joint until it burns down to the weed. You can now take a puff from the filter of your joint at the other end and inhale the smoke.

You only need to hold the smoke in briefly to absorb the THC from your weed before exhaling. You can take as many hits of a joint as you want. Experienced users can handle multiple joints whereas beginner users may get an intense high from just a few hits, but you can stop whenever you like. Once you’ve reached your desired high, you can put your joint out by snubbing it in an ashtray and save the rest for later.

Smoking a joint is a great way to enjoy weed with friends. Since it doesn’t take long to roll and it’s so easy to smoke, it’s perfect for handing around at parties and social gatherings. You can also roll and smoke at home whenever you want if you need a quick and easy way to get high.

Alternatives to Rolling a Joint

As simple as rolling a joint and smoking it can be, there are now tons of unique ways to enjoy marijuana. Whether you don’t want to go to the effort of rolling or simply want to try something different, there are plenty of great alternatives to rolling a joint. Here are some of the most popular options.

Bong/Pipe – If you enjoy smoking weed but want something a little quicker and easier than rolling a joint, then invest in a bong or pipe. A pipe is a portable smoking tool which you use by putting your weed in the bowl, lighting it, and taking a hit. A bong is similar, although it’s larger and vase-like in structure and filtrates your weed smoke through water. Both of these tools offer extra convenience and strong marijuana hits.

Vaping – Vaping is the perfect alternative for users who don’t like the harsh effects of smoking. You can buy a Vape Pen, pack the chamber with your THC product, press a button to heat it, and take hits of smooth, flavorful vapor. Some vapes are compatible with weed whereas others can be used with vape juices or cannabis concentrates. Vaping is said to be healthier than smoking and can also give you stronger effects.

Edibles – For an extra easy but extra strong way to get the effects of THC, try weed edibles. Whether you prefer candies, chocolates or baked goods, you can eat them with the added effects of marijuana. Edibles take up to a couple of hours to kick in, but when they do, they’ll give you a powerful high that can last eight hours or more.

Alternatives to Rolling a Joint


If you enjoy smoking weed, it’s a great idea to learn how to roll a joint. You only need a few cheap accessories and you can make a potent roll-up whenever you need it. You can find all varieties of weed to smoke and all of the accessories you need online at

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    Bongs are actually bad for you. Bongs create a negative pressure device on your lungs and can collapsed lungs over time is known as pneumothorax. Stick to joints or sip on a small pipe

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    Thanks for the article! My husband is my personal joint roller … honestly Snoop should snatch him up haha!
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    Written info and pictures are good, but how about a video. I have been rolling joints for 45 years, but I am sure that I don’t know every thing that is out there, on rolling dubes! Thanks and love your site and your products! You guys are “Not the Best, just Better than the rest”! We use to save all of roaches, roll them up in a couple of papers, wet it in your mouth for a minute or so, the wrap it in tinfoil from a cigarette pack and then roast it with a lighter for about 30 secs, unwrap it and smoke it on a pin like hash. Called em Turkey Balls. Great stuff! AND ” MARIJUANA IS NOT ADDICTIVE” Quit for 20yrs while I was in the Military!
    NO PROBLEM. And that is just my opinion. I was on a Medical marijuana site, and they stated” that 1 in 2 people will get addicted to Marijuana. What BS.