Astro Pink Kush by Pluto Craft Cannabis

20%-26.5% THC
(9 customer reviews)

Astro Pink Kush is a stellar variant of the infamous BC-born and bred Pink Kush. A relative of OG Kush, Astro Pink Kush is a pure indica phenotype and one of the strongest cuts of Pink Kush available in Canada. Many connoisseurs will cherish this strain for its’ heavy-hitting body high and cheery, uplifting effects. THC levels for Astro Pink Kush range around 20%-26.5%, making it quite the formidable smoke and one that isn’t recommended for beginners or novice users. This force of nature combines the freight-truck hitting intensity of a well grown Pink Kush and combines it with notes of robust diesel-like gas, pure dankness, hints of pine and a subtle creamy, almost vanilla-like sweetness to create a truly unique terpene profile that is similar to Pink Kush but also so much better! Although grow times for this dank strain can take up to 11 weeks, its’ always worth it from a consumers’ perspective when it comes to craft-grown, top shelf collection weed like this.

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