Should You Try CBD for Your Pet?

Should You Try CBD for Your Pet

CBD is a highly sought-after alternative to medical cannabis that gives you many of the same benefits but doesn’t get you high. It’s often used as a natural herbal remedy for issues such as chronic pain, anxiety, stress, seizures, insomnia, and even cancer. But while many humans use CBD successfully, should you try CBD for your pet?

In short, the answer seems to be yes. Studies show that CBD can have the same effects on animals as it does on humans, especially as the endocannabinoid system works similarly in all mammals. Even vets have begun to recommend using CBD for certain health ailments in dogs and cats. So how does using CBD for your pet work and how can you do it? Here’s a guide.

What Does CBD Do?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, one of the many chemical compounds or cannabinoids which you can find in cannabis plants. Hemp plants are often used for extracting CBD due to their high levels of CBD with low levels of THC. CBD extracts are used in all kinds of easy-to-consume products, from gummy candies to fast-absorbing oils.

Although there’s still much debate on how effective CBD is as a treatment, that the vast majority of users find it extremely effective for remedying certain health symptoms. Studies show that CBD can help with chronic pain, anxiety and sleep, epileptic seizures, cancer, and many other physical and mental ailments.

When you consume CBD, it attaches to cannabinoid receptors in the body and causes a reaction in the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is a biological system which has an impact on various mental and physical functions, hence why CBD can provide helpful effects. While CBD has become popular for use in humans, it can also work in the same way for animals, hence why many users have begun to use CBD for their pets.

What Does CBD Do

Studies On CBD For Pets

Research shows that CBD is very well-tolerated in mammals. Many studies on CBD are initially carried out on animals such as rats and mice. For instance, there are studies which show that CBD can swiftly reduce pain, provide antidepressant-like effects, and prevent brain injury in animals.

There have also been some studies carried out specifically on dogs. One study found that CBD could help reduce pain from osteoarthritis in dogs effectively without any harmful side effects. Data from another study showed a lot of promise that CBD can reduce seizures in dogs. Although more research is needed, the evidence suggests that CBD has the same benefits for dogs as it does for humans.

It’s also recommended by health professionals. A 2019 survey found that many vets are willing to prescribe CBD for animals with certain health conditions. It also found that 56.1% of vets reported seeing improvements in dogs for issues such as pain, anxiety, and seizures from CBD treatment. As time goes on and more research is done on the benefits of CBD for animals, it will likely become a more common treatment for pets such as cats and dogs.

Is CBD Safe For Pets?

Before giving CBD to pets, users will naturally be worried about how safe it is. However, the good news is that CBD has consistently been shown to be incredibly safe. Research routinely shows that CBD has a high safety profile and is well-tolerated by both humans and animals.

In most cases, CBD has no side effects whatsoever. In some cases, users report minor side effects such as nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, and changes in mood or appetite. However, CBD causes no harmful health effects in the long run and can be used frequently without any issues.

It’s impossible to overdose on CBD and it’s non-addictive, meaning that it can be used in high quantities without any adverse effects. While you shouldn’t give your pets more CBD than they need, you won’t need to worry about any issues from them taking a high dose. CBD also has no psychoactive effects and won’t make your pets high. 

You should avoid giving human CBD products to pets. Since these are designed for human consumption, they may cause your pets some minor digestive issues. However, there are now many safe and effective CBD pet products you can use to safely administer cannabidiol to your pets.

How To Use CBD For Pets

How To Use CBD For Pets

The best way to use CBD for pets is with specially-designed CBD Pet products. Although some CBD products designed for humans may also work well for animals, it’s better to use products designed for consumption by small animals. CBD is usually administered to pets via CBD-infused pet treats. You can also add CBD Pet Tinctures to your pet’s food.

Pawsitive Collection 150mg CBD Tincture gives you a good amount of CBD Tincture to use for your pets. Since pets only need a small dose, a little can go a long way, and this product is both inexpensive and effective for your pets.

Pawsitive Collection 300mg CBD Tincture will suit users who want a little more CBD to give to their pets. It’s perfect for cats and dogs and can be applied directly or added to food to make it easier to consume. Those who want even more CBD can also buy Pawsitive Collection 600mg CBD Tincture, giving them plenty of CBD to give their beloved pets a healthy daily dose for a while.


So should you try CBD for your pet? Everything points to yes. Although there hasn’t been a lot of research on how CBD can help dogs and cats, the current research on using CBD for animals shows that it has many of the same benefits in other mammals as it does for humans. That means it can potentially help with things like arthritis, anxiety, depression, cancer, seizures, and various other ailments.

Even if you’re unsure about whether CBD will help, it doesn’t hurt. Studies on both humans and animals show that CBD is extremely well-tolerated and won’t cause any harmful effects. It also won’t get your pets high or make them addicted. You can find CBD pet products, as well as a whole range of other cannabis and CBD products, available online at

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