Strain Review: Black Diamond

Black Diamond Strain Review

Strain Review for black Diamond If you want a strain that will ease your nerves, relax your body, and relieve you of tension yet still keep you enjoyably alert and focused, then Black Diamond is the strain for you. Black Diamond is an indica-dominant hybrid strain originating from North California, well known for its soothing high and wide range of medical uses.

It’s a great strain for a lot of reasons. Those who suffer from issues like pain and insomnia will enjoy the calming effects whereas those who simply want a chill-out strain will enjoy the happy high and cerebral stimulation. It also offers a great taste which goes down well whether you choose to smoke or vape it. So what should you expect from Black Diamond and where can you get it? Here’s our strain review of Black Diamond.

Black Diamond Strain Effects

Black Diamond is a hybrid strain with both indica and sativa qualities. It’s mainly known for its soothing indica effects, although it also provides some sweet mental stimulation so you won’t feel too knocked out. As such, it’s a great choice if you want a daytime indica strain that’ll keep you happy and motivated while still feeling physically relaxed.

Smoking Black Diamond will quickly make you feel happy and giggly. It’s perfect for kicking back on the couch and taking in some TV shows or playing video games. The uplifting effects will wash away any stress and put you in a blissful state where your senses are heightened and every activity seems more enjoyable.

The physical effects are just as great. Black Diamond is known for its potent body high which can soothe you of all kinds of tension. As time progresses, you’ll likely begin to feel much more relaxed and will find it particularly easy to fall asleep.

On the whole, it’s ideal for use as an evening strain when you just want to unwind and relax while still being relatively alert. You should expect the munchies to hit you hard, and it’s also likely to make you feel sleepy in higher doses. However, it’s a very smooth and uplifting high that anyone will enjoy.

Black Diamond Medical Benefits

Black Diamond Medical Benefits

In addition to being good for recreational use, Black Diamond also has a whole host of medical benefits. Its ability to provide strong indica effects while still uplifting users mentally makes it particularly versatile as a medical strain.

Its physically soothing effects are ideal for tackling all kinds of pain and inflammation. Whether you’re experiencing chronic pain from a condition or simply have nagging aches and pains, Black Diamond will swiftly ease your body of any physical distress.

The mental effects are just as useful, particularly for those suffering from mood disorders such as anxiety, depression, and chronic stress. Black Diamond makes you happy and giggly and eases your mind of any mental anguish.

Black Diamond can also help with problems such as insomnia, muscle spasms, and loss of appetite. All in all, it’s a very well-rounded medical strain.

The Flavor of Black Diamond Strain

Due to the cross between Blackberry and Diamond OG genetics, Black Diamond is also a very flavorful strain. Its buds give off a musky and earthy aroma with hints of Blackberry, somewhat reminiscent of rich, red wine. The taste is similar, giving users an earthy blackberry taste that goes down well.

If you prefer the more dank and musky kinds of strains, Black Diamond is a great choice. The sweet blackberry undertones also add a lot to the flavor. Smoking it tastes good, but vaping will bring out even more of the flavor.

Where to Buy Black Diamond

Black Diamond is a very popular strain and you’ll likely be able to find it in many cannabis stores and dispensaries. However, for the easiest and most convenient way to get it, it’s best to buy Black Diamond online. sells high-quality Black Diamond in various quantities. If you want to test it out, 3.5 grams costs only $33. If you want to stock up on more Black Diamond, 7 grams is just $64 whereas a full ounce (28 grams) is $220.

All you need to do is register and make your order. Every order is sent out safely and discreetly for your peace of mind. You can also order from a range of other cannabis strains and products, all available for delivery across the country.

Alternative Strains to Black Diamond

Alternative Strains to Black Diamond

Black Diamond is a top strain for those who want strong indica effects with some mental stimulation. However, if you want something different, there are plenty of other options to choose from. Here are some of the best alternative strains to Black Diamond you can buy right now.

Harlequin CBD is a particularly unique strain as it boasts a CBD to THC ratio of around 5:2, giving you some of the best medical effects possible. It’s a perfect strain for medical users who prefer to get the relaxing and therapeutic effects of marijuana without a strong psychoactive high. With a high sativa profile, it’ll also help stimulate your mind and make you happy and alert.

Blue Diesel is a cross between Blueberry and NYC Diesel, resulting in a sweet-tasting strain that produces some awesome stimulating effects. Blue Diesel will rapidly put you in an optimistic and uplifted state with some powerful mood-boosting qualities. It’s ideal for users who want to counteract stress, depression, and anxiety.

King Louis XIII is a rare indica strain known for its incapacitating effects. It’ll quickly make you feel incredibly relaxed, taking away all kinds of stress and physical pain. If you need a super-strong indica for therapeutic relief or simply to unwind at the end of the day, then King Louis XIII is another top choice.


Black Diamond is a brilliant strain for relaxation, although it also gives you some nice mentally uplifting effects. Whether you need a strain to help you unwind or a strain to help you with pain, inflammation, headaches, stress, anxiety, and a host of other physical and mental issues, it’s a great choice with enjoyable effects and a rich Blackberry taste.

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    WhiteSmoke965 years ago

    Bought an ounce of Black Diamond….. nugs were nice and hefty, never compromised size for density or anything. The smell wasn’t overly powerful just opening the bag, but after lighting you notice the strong Blackberry accents. Very tasty in a less sweet way, almost bitter but not. Wonderful strain, I loved packing it in my pipe and enjoying anytime during the day; morning, afternoon, evening and night.