What Are Marijuana Moon Rocks & How To Make Your Own

What Are Marijuana Moon Rocks & How To Make Your Own

Marijuana Moon Rocks are a type of cannabis concentrate that’s aptly named due to their ability to get you obnoxiously high. Most concentrates are made by exposing marijuana buds to various extraction processes, but Moon Rocks are a little different. Moon Rocks are a combination of weed, hash oil, and kief. While it might sound concentrated, they’re surprisingly easy to make.

If you want a fun project that’s going to get you extremely high while also making use of your favorite marijuana products, give Moon Rocks a try. All you need is three ingredients- weed, hash oil, and kief. Compared to other concentrates, they’re very quick and easy to make and the exceptional high is worth it. Here’s a guide on Marijuana Moon Rocks and how to make your own.

What Are Marijuana Moon Rocks?

There are many types of cannabis concentrate on the market from Hash to Shatter to High Terpene Full-Spectrum Extracts like Live Resin. However, if you want a concentrate that combines weed with other concentrates and gives you an extremely strong high, you should try Marijuana Moon Rocks.

Marijuana Moon Rocks are named as such for two reasons. For one, coating your weed in oil and kief means they’ll end up looking like dusty rocks you might see on other planets. Two, using these to get high might make you feel like you’re on another planet.

While other cannabis concentrates usually require complex extraction processes to make, Moon Rocks are one of the best concentrates to make at home. As long as you have weed, kief, and some kind of hash oil or similar cannabis extract, you can make Moon Rocks within a couple of minutes. You can even combine different strains for one of the most unique and interesting highs.

What Are Marijuana Moon Rocks

What You Need To Make Marijuana Moon Rocks

If you want to make marijuana Moon Rocks, you’ll need three ingredients- weed, hash oil, and kief. The first order of business is to get a stash of your favorite weed. You can use any strain you like, so whether you prefer relaxing indica strains, uplifting sativa strains or balanced hybrid strains, any option will work well. You’ll need the buds as opposed to ground weed, so make sure you don’t grind it.

You’ll need to coat your marijuana in cannabis concentrates. Hash Oil or Honey Oil is generally recommended for making Moon Rocks, but you can use any kind of sticky, oil-like cannabis concentrate. For instance, you might want to heat some Shatter until it begins to soften and use it to coat your buds or use HTFSE Sauce

Lastly, you’ll need a good stash of kief. Kief refers to the dried up trichome particles that you’ll often find at the bottom of your grinder. If you’ve been grinding weed for a while, you might already have a nice stash of kief to collect from the bottom of your grinder. You can also use a Pollen Box or silkscreen to sift kief from marijuana buds. However, the best approach is to simply buy Kief online.

Once you have all three of these things, you’re ready to make Moon Rocks. The great thing about making Moon Rocks is that you can get creative and use different strains of weed, kief, and concentrates if you like, making for a unique and interesting high.

How To Make Marijuana Moon Rocks

Once you have your weed, kief, and hash oil or another cannabis concentrate, it’s time to make some potent marijuana Moon Rocks. Making Moon Rocks is straightforward compared to making other cannabis concentrates and you’ll generally only need to spend a few minutes making them.

The first step is to break your weed into buds. You’ll want these to be thick enough to coat in oil and kief to create small or medium Moon Rocks. Make sure you don’t grind your weed as this will make it too fine to turn into Moon Rocks.

Next, you’ll need to coat your buds with your Hash Oil or another cannabis concentrate such as Sauce, Rosin or Shatter. Using too much will make your Moon Rocks too damp to light, so the best approach is to apply your concentrate around your buds using a dropper. If your concentrate is too thick or rigid to use for coating, heat it until it’s pliable enough.

After you coat your buds with cannabis oil, roll them in kief until they’re fully covered. The best way to do this is to put a stash of kief in a container and use tongs to hold and roll your buds. Using your fingers will result in you removing some of the kief and oil and ruining your Moon Rocks. Once your buds are fully covered, your Moon Rocks are ready to use.

How To Use Marijuana Moon Rocks

You can use Moon Rocks the same way you’d usually use weed. However, breaking them down to make them appropriate for rolling in a joint or adding to a vaporizer can be a little trickier. Make sure you never try to grind your Moon Rocks- you’ll ruin your Moon Rocks as well as your grinder due to the stickiness of the product.

Instead of using a grinder, you can break down Moon Rocks using your fingers or a knife until you have small enough chunks. This makes it easy to add to a joint along with weed for enhanced effects.

Alternatively, you can add a few chunks of Moon Rocks to the bowl of a Bong or Pipe. This will give you incredible effects and it won’t take many hits to get a powerful high. You can also put some Moon Rocks in the chamber of your vaporizer provided you have a compatible device.


Marijuana Moon Rocks are an awesome kind of concentrate made by coating buds of weed with your favorite cannabis concentrates before coating them with kief. The result is a product that looks like powdery rocks and gets you extremely high. It’s easy to make Moon Rocks at home and you can use them in a joint, bong, pipe or vaporizer.

If you want to make Moon Rocks, you simply need any strain of marijuana, cannabis concentrate such as Hash Oil, Shatter or Sauce, and some kief. You can find all of these ingredients and plenty of other cannabis products online at GreenSociety.ca.

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