What to Expect When Ordering from Green Society

At Green Society, we aim to give the greatest standard of customer service alongside the finest locally sourced cannabis from craft cannabis aficionados. If you’re looking for a dispensary in Canada, go no further than Green Society. 

Our website makes it simple to place an order, and we pride ourselves on providing rapid service and some of the highest-quality weed in the country.

We Aim for Client Satisfaction

Our mission as a mail-order marijuana delivery business is to meet the urgent medical needs of our clients by delivering only the highest-grade marijuana

Each year, our understanding of cannabis’s miraculous benefits grows; we know now that it helps individuals with various ailments, disorders, and conditions. So, we want to ensure that everyone who may benefit from it has easy access.

Buy weed online at Green Society

Green Society Products

To that end, we make it our business to monitor developments in the cannabis industry closely. You may relax knowing that the needs of our members will always come first. 

Our services adhere to a stringent quality standard, so you can be certain that every item you get will be sent in secure, discreet vacuum packaging. We offer this service to ensure that your items get safely to you. Contact our live chat if you have any questions or concerns.

1. Green Room

Incorporates more than a hundred unique, high-quality varieties. The cannabis in Green Room is AAAA+ grade and ordered from well-known farmers in British Columbia, Canada, and is of high quality.

Bubba OG, Chocolope, Northern Lights, Larry OG, Tuna Kush, Durban Poison, and many more can all be found in their Greenroom.

What you should try: Fruity Pebbles OG by Pluto Craft Cannabis – Alien Genetics created Fruity Pebbles, now commonly known as Fruity Pebbles OG, as a very restricted and special strain.

2. Concentrates

Hash, shatter, tincture, CBD oil, lotion, and other highly concentrated forms of cannabis make up their next group, Concentrates.

What you should try: Top Shelf Pre-Rolled Joints – Top Shelf Pre-Rolled Joints are the finest of the West in one convenient package. This Vancouver-based collective’s high terpene full spectrum extract vape pens have become a fast favorite in the city’s vaping scene.

3. Edibles

You may order your favorite sweets, candy, and treats on this site. Also, you can get exclusive access to these cannabis-infused delicacies from their website at reasonable pricing.

What you should try: Mary’s Medibles CBD TearsMary’s CBD Tears are the best option for anyone interested in medical cannabis but who does not want to get high.

4. Accessories

You may receive vape pens, clothes, grinders, rolling papers, and more from the accessories page of Green Society website.

It’s undeniable that Green Society provides access to high-quality and extra-safe resource options. Therefore, it is strongly suggested to purchase from us. There are many alternatives for both medicinal and recreational cannabis consumers.

What you should try: Ascera Voltair Battery A reliable battery will guarantee that your cartridge fires every time.

Green Society Product Pricing

The costs are because we have rare and unique strains in our inventory, especially on your first order. Additionally, when you compare us with other sites, you’ll discover how our prices are unbeatable.

Discounted White Runtz was offered, making it more affordable and reliable than other web-based clinics. You may have an awesome first-hand encounter with excellent quality and reasonable pricing. Give it a go; you have nothing to lose.

Deals as Low as $99.99

Shoppers on a tight budget may have to adjust their standards downward. On the other hand, Green Society’s $99.99 ounces ensure you’ll never have to choose between quality and value. Find irresistible discounts on your go-to AAA+ strains here!

15% Off Your Order

If you buy more than 3 grams of shatter from Exclusive Extracts, you’ll get 15% off your order! Our Mix & Match Bundles provide the best value for genuine, Canadian-grown genotypes.

Shipping and Packing

Green Society shipping and packing

The security of your package is a top priority for us at Green Society. In fact, we have fast shipping. Additionally, your order will be sent in a stealthy, vacuum-sealed box that doesn’t advertise its contents or indicate its origin by including information like batch numbers. Indeed, we’ll take every precaution to ensure your product isn’t tampered with in transit.

When you spend more than $149 at the dispensary, delivery is on the house. Canada Post Xpresspost is used to send packages throughout the country. The standard delivery time for a package is three to five days. However, most packages will arrive at your home within two to three business days when you use this service. 

Please be aware that delivery to certain outlying areas may take up to 5 business days. Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Quebec City, Edmonton, Winnipeg, and all other important Canadian cities are included in our shipping service. 

We provide a wide variety of cannabis products, including edibles, concentrates, and extracts, all of which may be sent to your front door.

Green Society’s Great Deals and Amazing Promos 

Green Society offers several amazing deals, including a loyalty program that gives you one point for every dollar spent and a sign-up bonus worth ten dollars. 

If you are part of this program, you’ll save $1 for every 25 points redeemed. For new users, read our frequently asked questions which are straightforward and full of useful information.

Green Society’s Approach to Serving Customers

Incredible work is done at Green Society’s help desk if you want to be a member. Our highly skilled crew has the dedication to share excellent service and activity and has the potential to go far for it. 

We want their clients to continue doing business with us daily. Because of our team’s broad understanding of enhanced fulfillment methods, we can respond to any of your questions.

Your grievance will be addressed and resolved as quickly as humanly possible. According to the assessment of Green Society, you should feel accepted and comfortable going to our dispensary for all your requirements.


As a service, we at Green Society are unquestionably top-notch. Any minor problems can be addressed, and our business will continue to improve as long as our employees are dedicated to satisfying consumers. 

You should give us a shot if you have never used a mail-order business before. You’re welcome to visit us and be part of our community.

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