How to Keep Your Weed Fresh

Cannabis is a great way to enjoy recreational and medicinal use. However, keeping weed fresh requires specific precautions. Otherwise, weed can lose its potency and flavor. With proper care and keeping your weed fresh, cannabis products can be safe from mold and mildew.

Top brands like Backwoods, Chocolit, and Daily CBD dominate the cannabis industry. They maintain the safety and quality of marijuana for their avid consumers. Therefore, extending marijuana’s life span and doubts in usability wouldn’t be an issue for their consumer’s cannabis experience.

Keep reading this article to learn how to keep your weed fresh.

The Common Factors Affecting Weed’s Freshness

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Various factors influence marijuana’s freshness. Experts suggest specific instructions to ensure proper cannabis storage. Be sure to check these details critically.

Oxygen Presence

Oxygen can drain shelf life and cause oxidation for cannabis products. It can also affect the weed’s potency and aroma. Although oxygen is necessary for its cultivation, being aware of weed storage’s humidity levels is beneficial. Considering this may avoid having dry weed.

Light Level

UV rays can affect cannabis quality. It can reduce the chemical compounds of cannabis. Having an airtight container can reduce 30% UV exposure. Choosing a dark place benefits the overall cannabis quality. There are many options for storage containers. The market has vast variations for the best humidity control packs. Selecting the finest quality can keep cannabis fresh.


Experts suggest that the optimal relative humidity (RH) level to store weed is 59-63%. Too much moisture can result in moldy weed or dry weed. Humidity levels affect the cannabis’ usability. Weeds can be difficult to durable and harsher lit. Additionally, it can lose the perfect aroma and flavor.

This is the reason why cannabis humidity control packs exist. They can help in monitoring and managing the environment for marijuana.


As mentioned earlier, marijuana is an environment-sensitive product. The ideal temperature is 70 degrees Fahrenheit or 21 degrees Celsius. High temperatures can affect weeds’ intoxicating properties. At the same time, the low temperature has a greater chance of contamination.

On the other hand, two marijuana strains challenge temperature levels. First is Sativa, a weed strain that conquers warm weather. In contrast, Indica loves the cooler environment. Be sure to be particular about cannabis specifications.

The Best Ways to Keep Your Cannabis Fresh

With the following factors, it is important to comply with weed’s proper storage practices. Everyone wants to enjoy and cut potential inconvenience. So, here are the seven ways to keep your weed fresh and damage-free.

1. Store it in a Secured Container With a Lid

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A secured jar or container with a lid can eradicate moisture. Using a sealed container can keep the harbouring microorganisms and other factors. Users may opt for titanium containers. This a guaranteed airtight container that can store cannabis in ambient humidity. Titanium containers secure appropriate air amounts and outside elements.

Alternatively, it is recommended to utilize tinted containers over transparent ones. Tinted containers prevent light exposure and avoid flakiness.

2. Reuse Medicine Bottles

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To save further costs, users can reuse medicine bottles. It keeps cannabis products free from moisture and contamination. Medicine containers can also regulate odors. Aside from that, this cannabis container is a space saver. People can easily carry it around. Remember to clean and sanitize medicine bottles before using them.

3. Vacuum Sealing

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Vacuum sealing is another hack to store weed. However, it is best to use ideal packs to keep your weed fresh. Typical plastics contain bisphenol, which can cause harmful effects and may pull precious trichomes. It is suggested to avail of humidity packs and uses plant-based glycerin. These are ideal long-term storage solutions for cannabis packaging.

4. Secure A Heat and Light-free Storage 

A dark place away from low or high temperatures is the sweet spot for marijuana. Light and heat exposure can affect the quality of active ingredients like THC and CBD. It can dry the terpenes in cannabis and is less enjoyable for vaping sessions. A cool dark place with the best humidity can improve the precious trichomes’ life span.

Tamper-proof storage containers and control packs are the answers to secure heat and light-free cannabis. Ceramic jars and humidifier packs can preserve cannabis’ optimal moisture content.

5. Keep Cannabis Away from Other Resources

Several assumptions about storing cannabis keep circulating like orange peel hacks. This includes the cohabitation of marijuana with various organic products such as fruits and vegetables. Employing this step without caution may result in cross-contamination. It makes cannabis buds prone to mold, mildew, and other microorganisms. Experts advise storing weed from other organic matters.

6. Boveda Packs for Humidity Control 

Boveda for Cannabis

Boveda pack is perfect weed storage for retail or regular usage. Generally, a boveda pack consists of natural salts and absorbent features to lessen water vapor. Plus, it handles relative humidity levels without an extreme drying process. Boveda packs remove moisture from plastic bags. These humidity control packs are designed to keep your weed fresh until the expiration date.

7. Avoid Using Fridge and Freezer

The fridge and freezer may irregulate moisture control for marijuana buds and cannabis flowers. Too much moisture or too little moisture is not a great place for marijuana. Storing weeds in these cooler spots can rapidly increase the decaying process. Aside from the temperature, fridges or freezers have high moisture content. Also, they are excluded from the cool dark place list.

8. Invest in Cannabis Humidors

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Marijuana humidors are weed cultivators’ top choice. These are crafted box types specifically made for storing cannabis. It removes all possible worries in storing cannabis. Weed humidors have all the qualities in consideration of challenging factors. They are airtight, have optimal moisture content and ideal humidity levels, and are opaque.

However, it is still important to separate storage for multiple cannabis products or strains. Different cannabis strains have specific cultivation and storing process. Otherwise, these weeds will go bad.


Keeping weed fresh is essential, apart from quality and safety. Whether these products are recreational or medical marijuana, proper handling and storing incur a price-beat guarantee. Consumers can reduce hassle in replacement, quality assurance, and other costs.Green Society ensures high potency and guaranteed safe weed products. They offer the widest variations of cannabis flowers, vapes, edibles, and other accessories. A one-stop shop for everyone who longs for adventure and excitement. Users can avail of products at their convenience.

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